Stylish manicure 2016


stylish manicure 2016

No modern woman simply can do without a beautiful, and most importantly, fashionable manicure. A stylish manicure is not just a standard nail painting, but a real art, which can be understood only by devoting a considerable amount of time to studying it. However, you do not need to do this, because stylists and manicurists have long laid everything out on the shelves.

Stylish manicure in 2016, what is it?

First of all, it is worth noting that naturalness and naturalness are always in fashion, which is why such trends will be relevant in 2016. A new stylish manicure in 2016 should be performed on the basis of the following fashion recommendations:

  • give preference to the most natural shape and length of nails;
  • if you don’t know whether this or that manicure option is suitable for a casual or festive look, then choose pastel colors that fit into any bow;
  • monophonic glossy manicure is in fashion, especially if it is executed in brown, red, plum color or a shade of marsala;
  • decorate your nails in the form of a matte finish or a moon manicure, because the classic will never go out of style.

Fashionable nail length in 2016

Since naturalness is one of the main trends in manicure, a short stylish manicure in 2016 is especially relevant. An additional advantage of nails of this kind is their practicality, because in no case will they interfere with everyday activities and at the same time look stunning. In addition, short nails are much easier to care for. Stylish manicure for short nails in 2016 is presented in the form of geometric patterns, moon manicure and a plain coating of bright colors.

It is impossible not to pay tribute to the sparkling manicure in a metallic shade. It is perceived as a luxury, because it is performed in a mysterious tint of gray or golden, which adds even more elegance and chic. The pure white and blue color of the coating can also emphasize the luxurious shape of the nails. Fashionable and stylish manicure in 2016 must be done exclusively with a creative approach, so you can stand out from the general gray mass at any time of the year.


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