Slim jeans

Slim fit jeans belong to the category of skinny silhouettes that suit both the strong and the beautiful half of humanity. They sit tight on the hips and are very narrowed down. They, as in the classic version, have 5 pockets and all the typical accessories, so you can combine these jeans with almost anything.

Women’s slim jeans

Women’s slim jeans came into fashion thanks to Kate Moss, who appeared in 2004 in skinny jeans from the Swedish company Cheap Monday. They are made of dense fabric (denim), and the first couple of hours of wearing can cause some discomfort. But it’s worth it — slim jeans slim and visually lengthen the legs.

It is believed that women’s slim jeans are only suitable for an ideal figure, but this is not so. The main thing here is not to peer into the shortcomings of your hips, but to decide what to wear slim jeans with in your case. Skinny girls with such jeans can wear both voluminous items (sweatshirt, tunic) and tight-fitting ones. And the owners of curvaceous enough to make only a few adjustments — combine slim jeans with a top that reaches mid-thigh, and the problem is solved.

As for shoes, there are no big restrictions here either — slim jeans will go equally well with winter boots, ballet flats, sneakers, and even shoes with heels.

What is the difference between skinny jeans and slim jeans?

If the seller in the denim department offers you slim jeans, but you are absolutely sure that they are skinny, do not rush to be outraged. The fact is that not only buyers, but also sellers themselves often (and completely unintentionally) get confused in these concepts. And so, what is the difference between skinny jeans and slim:

  • slim jeans are just very tight jeans, while skinny jeans are skin-tight jeans, almost like a second skin (one might say, an extreme slim fit);
  • slim cut jeans fit mainly on the hips and are relatively loose on the lower leg, while skinny fit the legs from the waist to the ankle;
  • Slim jeans are made mainly of cotton, with only a small amount of elastane, while skinny jeans have much more synthetics (and putting them on, respectively, is a little easier).

Jeans slim jeggings (leggings)

While slims and skinnies require a more or less lean and toned figure, slim jeggings will flatter your figure by hiding imperfections. If you love jeans, but can’t find the right size due to a non-standard figure, you should try slim jeggings jeans. They are easy to put on, do not press or rub, they do not have zippers and tight buttons (which will save your manicure). Slim jeggings (or super slim jeans) are more suitable for girls, since men obviously don’t need to make their legs “thinner than a buttercup stem”.

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