The spring-summer season of 2016 has prepared many new products for shellac coating on short nails. It remains at the top of popularity not only due to the variety of colors, but also because it looks great on female nails, improving the appearance of hands.

Stylish shellac cover design for short nails in 2016

  1. Let’s start with the beloved classics. So, French does not give up its leading position. It is suitable not only for owners of strong nails, but also thin, exfoliating ones. Shellac coating creates a durable French manicure, which is not afraid of any mechanical stress. It is worth noting that not only the classic colors are popular this season, but also calm shades.
  2. A well-known moon manicure will not leave indifferent any fashionista. The surface of the nail can be painted with more than one color. Blooming spring inspires you to create colorful nail art, decorate it with glitter, sparkles, and sparkling foil. In any nail design, mint colors, turquoise tones and Tiffany color remain at the peak of popularity. In addition, do not forget that even on short nails, bright and contrasting tones look luxurious.
  3. Shellac and rhinestones — the perfect combination of high-quality nail coverage and fashionable decoration. Despite the fact that the spring-summer season is a period of naturalness, colored pebbles do not lose their relevance. Especially when it comes to a festive manicure, the original design of which can become the final component of the image.
  4. stamping has long become a common trend in manicure. To date, linear and geometric stamps on nails, performed directly with shellac, have become a fashion trend. Interestingly, it is the classic duet of black and white that is recognized as a universal manicure option. It not only looks unusual on the nails, but also goes well with any style of clothing.
  5. This season’s trend is adhesive tape, a thin self-adhesive strip that can be made in different colors. Moreover, it is made in different widths and lengths. This striping tape is primarily used for creative designs. It is thanks to the shellac coating that it lasts the longest. Suitable for decorating both evening and everyday manicure. As mentioned above, naturalness in nail design is now popular, and therefore you can safely apply light shellac. Although, if we talk about patterns, it is better to use the entire available color palette. Outside, spring is a period of bright colors.

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