Red glitter manicure

The red color is versatile and goes well with any outfit and style. It gives a special charm and sexuality. This color is so feminine that it has deservedly become a favorite. Especially popular with fashionistas is a red manicure with sparkles.

Beads and sequins

The trend of the new season has become «caviar manicure», the essence of which is to decorate nails with tiny balls resembling eggs. The smaller these beads, the neater and more elegant the hand looks. They come in different colors. For a red manicure, you can come up with many options: decorate your nails with red balls, golden, black, white, combine black and red or red and white. This nail design looks very impressive and voluminous. You can cover all nails with granules, you can select one nail or only the tips, and also lay out any pattern. With such a manicure, foil, rhinestones, pebbles and so on are also used for decoration. The only drawback of the «caviar» design is its fragility. The granules will last on the nails for no more than three days.

Red manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

This season, all kinds of sparkles are welcome in nail design, which have become a great addition to red nails. In a manicure, you can use a combination of red with gold sparkles. One way is to apply a pattern with golden varnish on a scarlet base. Patterns can be very diverse: geometric shapes, abstract images, flowers. A manicure with red lacquer and sparkles applied from the tips of the nails and fading to nothing to the middle will look rich. This design is suitable for any social event.

Well, what about without the classic combination of black and red? – Thanks to the variety of nail design options, this combination of colors will no longer be ordinary and boring. A gradient manicure is ideal for this combination. The owner of such nail art will not go unnoticed. A red and black glitter manicure takes on a more festive look. With such nails, any woman, even in the most ordinary clothes, will look different. In these tones, craquelure lacquer will look stylish.

A red manicure with white patterns and sparkles will look more tender. For this option, you can choose any of the following shades as the basis: burgundy, scarlet, pomegranate, raspberry, coral, cardinal.

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