red and white manicure

Red and white manicure can be called a classic of nail art. He, of course, looks quite bold, playful, but at the same time, feminine and gentle. A versatile manicure with red and white polish perfectly complements many looks.

How to make a manicure in red and white colors?

Such a manicure should look perfect, because the red color, as you know, emphasizes the flaws of the nail plate and its shape. It is not enough just to apply varnish, you first need to work with your nails:

  • be sure to do a classic manicure, remove the cuticle;
  • give the nails a certain shape — to make the manicure look neat and fashionable, stylists recommend a semicircular shape and a short or medium length;
  • even if your nails are devoid of irregularities, it is still better to apply a base coat on them, and finally fix the manicure with a transparent varnish.

Varnishes for such a manicure can be selected both matte and glossy. Particular attention should be paid to the red and white manicure with gel polish — such nail art will not only look good, but also last a long time. For festive occasions, you can pick up cat-eye varnishes or varnishes with sparkles, thermal varnishes. Do not be afraid to also use manicure sand, sequins, stickers.

Ideas for a red and white manicure

There are plenty of options for two-tone nail design:

  1. Lunar red manicure with white polish — A simple and win-win way to decorate your nails. To do this, it is necessary to highlight the hole at the base of the nail in white, and make the remaining plate red, in this case it is also possible to use shiny elements. As a rule, special stencils are used for moon manicure. Such a trendy manicure can be done at home.
  2. Looks impressive red manicure with white glitter. There are also many ways to do it. The most elementary is to paint your nails with red polish and gently sprinkle them with sparkles. More difficult — to apply an interesting intricate pattern on a red background with sparkles. You can also highlight the tip of the nail or its base with sparkles — this is done with a thin brush or orange sticks.
  3. Red manicure with a white pattern master even those girls who are not very good at drawing. It is not necessary to create artistic canvases on your nails, although, of course, no one forbids you to do this. But simple white snowflakes, polka dots, stripes on a red background will also look original.
  4. Traditional red manicure with white jacket — great nail art, suitable for different occasions, including a wedding. Many brides choose a French manicure in combination with red and white — it perfectly complements the snow-white dress and emphasizes the solemnity of the image. He will perfectly fit into the daring, passionate images of the fair sex.

Red and white manicure — part of the image

It is desirable to wear this combination on the nails, in harmony with other details of your bow. Such a manicure would look appropriate if you are wearing a one-color red or white dress. But a red and white design can also be done in a way that follows the pattern of your clothing, such as a check, floral or geometric pattern.

Also, stylists advise to combine it with all kinds of accessories — brooches, earrings, hats, belts or straps. You can show beautiful “claws” using a handbag in the same color, by the way, the decoration on your nails, echoing the clasps or other decor of the bag, will become a feature of your image.

Of course, most girls know what a sexy addition a red and white manicure to red lipstick can be.

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