red blue manicure

We are often held back by strict dress codes or personal stereotypes. However, a beautiful feminine note does not fit anyone. Therefore, today stylists offer to decorate their hands and face with rich tones and catchy colors. Due to such circumstances, one of the most fashionable nail designs has become a red and blue manicure. Such nail-art is fully consistent with the popular style, but at the same time it suits both young people and older women. Also, the design in red and blue can complement both everyday and festive, business and romantic looks. It all depends on the format you choose.

Manicure in blue and red tones

Blue and red colors have always been harmoniously combined in the image. Therefore, such paints remain popular from season to season. In the art of nail-art, varnishes of similar shades are especially relevant. After all, a red and blue manicure perfectly attracts attention and emphasizes a sense of style. Let’s see what design in red and blue colors is in fashion today?

Themed manicure in red and blue. Red and blue varnishes are not only the colors of the warm season. The combination of these shades will perfectly complement the New Year’s or winter look. In addition, these colors are the main ones in a marine style. It is worth recalling that manicure in a marine theme and design for the New Year are always relevant.

Manicure with blue and red polish together. If you decide to make yourself a fashionable nail design with the help of two fashionable varnishes, then it is worth noting that red and blue colors can both complement each other and act as equally basic in manicure. Today, a fantasy red-blue jacket is in fashion, a manicure with bright circles and stripes on a calm basis, and a monochromatic design with highlighting one or two fingers in a different color also looks interesting.

Manicure with red and blue sparkles. The simplest, but very beautiful design with sparkles is considered. When choosing two bright colors, you can make a red manicure with blue sparkles or vice versa. A brilliant decor of two shades on a light or dark monophonic base looks very unusual and original.

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