Professional materials for manicure: an overview of tops and bases produced by Cosmake


There are more than 30 options for top and base coats in the Cosmake line of materials. All of them are of high quality and made from European raw materials (Germany). Beginning masters have questions when they see the extensive Cosmake catalog. What base to choose for brittle nails? Which top is suitable for creating the perfect gloss? To help the masters make the right choice, we have prepared an overview of the most hit tops and bases from the manufacturer Cosmake.


No. 615 and No. 620

It was not for nothing that we put these two Kosmake tops side by side — they are similar in properties. Both without a sticky layer, worn for a long time (at least 3 weeks), have a super glossy sheen. But these tops also have differences that masters should be aware of.


Liquid top without a sticky layer with the effect of «wet nails». This top gives a little blue, UV protection, so it’s perfect for white and light gel polish. When applied over black gel polish, top #615 will give it a bluish sheen.

The advantage of top #615 Cosmake is that the glossy sheen does not disappear throughout the entire time of wearing.

Tip: cover only perfectly even nails with Top No. 615. Due to the liquid consistency, this top coat will not be able to level the surface of the nail plate.


Thick top without a sticky layer, rubber. It also has a super glossy shine that lasts at least 3 weeks, but without a «wet» effect. Due to its thick consistency, it is able to level the surface of the nail plate. It perfectly fixes designs (sliders, films), ensures their long wear. Excellent for rubbing.

Top No. 620 Makeup has a yellowish tint, so we do not recommend it for overlaying blue and white gel polish. But this top is ideal for coating on black, red, burgundy gel polish — the result will be simply gorgeous!

The advantage of top #620 Cosmake is that it does not scuff or scratch, it has increased strength.

Tip: Top coat #620 with a leveling drop. To get the perfect shine and ensure long wear, dry your nails after applying the top coat in the LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Tops No. 615 and 620 Cosmake should be in the collection of every master. They are both super glossy and durable. But the choice of a particular top depends on the color of the gel polish, the degree of smoothness of the nail plate and the preferences of the specialist.

No. 650 (Super Gloss Pro)

This Non-tacky Rubber Makeup Top is more runny than #615 and #620, but is just as strong, super glossy and durable to wear. Great for decor and rubbing. Prolongs the durability of manicure, protects against color fading, yellowing.

The advantage of top #650 Cosmake — due to its quick drying, it is suitable for high-speed masters who do not like to wait.

Tip: Don’t put a big drop on application like Top #620. With top #615, it will not be possible to do alignment, as it is too liquid.

And another recommendation for all top coats: after applying and drying the top, do not rush to rub oil or cream into the client’s hands. Wait until the top coat is completely dry. This way you avoid confusion.


No. 609

Ivory white milk base. Rubbery, self-levelling, thick. The composition is acidic — provides excellent adhesion to the nail plate, strengthens it. If the master wants to achieve a perfectly white nail color, you can work with base No. 609 as a regular gel polish.

It is worn for 3-4 weeks, does not turn yellow and does not shine through. Perfect for nude flowers, removes «bald spots» due to good hiding power. The base is hypoallergenic, does not contain toxic substances. Does not settle during wear, preserves the architecture of the nail.

The advantage of base No. 609 Kosmayk — thanks to its milky shade, it is excellent for “diagnosing” thickness and leveling (unlike transparent bases).

Tip: apply the base in a thin layer, rubbing movements. Dry the first layer for 30 seconds (if the lamp is 48 watts and above) or 60 seconds (if the lamp is low power or bakes to the client).

No. 610

Milk Rose base, similar to #609. The main difference is a stunning milky pink shade. Base No. 610 Kosmayk is ideal for creating a design a la naturel. She can work independently, overlap pastel colors.

No. 600

Self-levelling rubber base. Thick, perfectly aligns the nail plate, suitable for flexible and soft nails. Creates beautiful highlights for manicure under the cuticle. It has a pleasant smell — customers like it. Convenient to work. But if the client has hyperhidrosis, we advise you to apply acid base No. 631 as a substrate under base No. 600.

The advantage of base No. 600 is that despite the density, the base is elastic. Doesn’t make alignment difficult.

Tip: Apply the first layer of base #600 in a thin layer with a 1 mm indent from the cuticle and sides. Then put a second small drop and distribute with a thin brush. If necessary, turn the client’s hand over and wait for the alignment of the apex and nail architecture.

Base No. 600 can be dried at a lower temperature, which is especially important for sensitive customers who complain of burning. If you have chosen a low lamp temperature (36 or 24 watts), then dry your nails for exactly 60 seconds.


Elastic base Cosmetic medium consistency. Rubber, transparent, perfectly aligns the nail. Bestseller due to the convenience of working with it — suitable for long and short nails. Base No. 602 prevents manicure detachments, does not injure nails.

The advantage of the base No. 602 is that due to the low acid content it is a hypoallergenic material, it does not bake under the lamp.

Tip: Dry this base for 30 seconds at high lamp temperature (48 or 56 watts) and 60 seconds at low temperature (24 or 36 watts). If your nails are wet, we also recommend using #631 Acid Base as a base or using Cosmake’s Double Tape Primer in combination with a dehydrator.


This is also a transparent rubber base (like No. 600 and No. 602), but it has a peculiarity — acrylic powder has been added to the composition. Surely the masters of the old school remember. as before, acrylic powder was mixed into the base to increase strength. The manufacturers of Cosmake took this into account and created base #606, which already contains acrylic powder.

The advantage of base No. 606 is that it has a slight pleasant smell, there are no toxic components in the composition. Acrylic powder, which is added to the base, is ground into the smallest powder, so after application you will not notice graininess or grains.

Tip: Since this base is low acid (like #602), use it on its own only on dry, strong nails. At high humidity, the same advice applies as for No. 602 — use base No. 631 Kosmaik as a substrate.

How to apply: we file nails well, matte with a nail file or buff. We apply a dehydrator once in the cuticle area and on the sides of the nail, cover ⅓ of the nail plate with an acid-free primer. Allow primer to air dry for 30 to 60 seconds until tacky. Then we apply base No. 631 with rubbing movements, dry for 60 seconds. Then we take base No. 606, duplicate a thin layer (put a drop, distribute with a thin brush). We check the glare under a round lamp, dry for 30-60 seconds.


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