Professional manicure cuticle scissors will make your hands perfect


During the execution of a manicure, every little thing is important. The cuticle must be constantly monitored and trimmed in a timely manner. You can do this both on your own and in a professional nail salon, and the main tool for solving the problem is special scissors.

Why do you need cuticle scissors?

When performing a manicure, the cuticle is cut off with tongs or scissors. According to some experts, nippers are more convenient for this purpose, but it is possible to cut the cuticle more accurately with scissors. When using tweezers, it is often possible to touch the client’s skin; such a wound can heal for quite a long time, the girl has an unpleasant impression. With scissors, this problem practically does not arise, therefore, more often masters choose scissors for cutting manicure.

Girls who take care of their nails on their own often make the mistake of using cuticle scissors as nail clippers. This cannot be done, since the tool quickly becomes unusable, becomes dull and ceases to perform its main function.

The advantage of this model

Impeccable German workmanship using only environmentally friendly, skin-friendly materials and high quality steel grades.

  • High alloy stainless steel;
  • Professional manual sharpening of high quality. They hold an edge for a long time and remain sharp. You will no longer need to carry scissors for sharpening after purchase.
  • Specially treated blades guarantee easy cutting of burrs. Special forging, hardening and sharpening ensures long life of the cutting edges. The blade is sharp and thin, allows you to carefully and accurately remove the cuticle without injuring the skin, and even cuts off the burrs, does not pull the skin;
  • There is an adjustable screw, due to this, the scissors do not become tight, thanks to this there is a smooth and even move without failures;
  • Comfortable and versatile rings;
  • Scissors do not slip in the hands;
  • Comfortable at work;
  • Professional quality;
  • Suitable for craftsmen, beginners, apprentices and home use.

Product length — 10 cm, cutting part — 2 cm.

Blades in nail scissors are smoothly curved in shape. canvases fit very well.

The package includes a gift: nail brush

According to the masters, the cuticle is cut with a blade in one cut. It is very convenient, and the client feels at the same time comfortable.

Professionals in the field of manicure note the long service life of this model!


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