polka dot manicure

Ladies who take care of themselves and love to take care of their hands strive every time to make a new, even more unusual pattern on their nails. The now popular polka dot manicure looks so elegant that it leaves the impression of a master. It is attractive and interesting, but reproducing such beauty seems to be a rather difficult task, especially when there are no special devices for this.

But in reality, everything is not so difficult, you just need a little patience.

Where to begin?

According to the masters, special skills are not required for this. And you need to work with a high-quality base for manicure, two colored varnishes, dots. This is a manicure tool that helps masters make even and beautiful peas. But for those who do not have such a tool, you can use toothpicks or refills from ballpoint pens without ink. There are a lot of polka dot manicure ideas now, but you still need to consider the look you want to create. And choose varnishes both similar and contrasting.

How to make a polka dot manicure?

Before starting, the nails should be put in order, giving them a well-groomed appearance. Then apply a base coat and let dry. Next, you need to proceed to the manicure itself. The next step is to apply a color coating in one or two even layers.

Then, when the varnish dries, drop a varnish of a different color onto a piece of cardboard and, dipping a toothpick into it, start making dots. It is better to choose a drawing in advance and work while looking at it. When the polka dots dry, apply a top coat to keep the manicure longer.

Manicure variations

Now ideas for such a funny manicure, thanks to the imagination and the variety of colors of varnishes, are in the air. Black polka dot manicure looks quite stylish. Peas can be both white and colored. Moreover, if multi-colored dots are applied with a gel, then a voluminous manicure will be created on the nail plate.

Red polka dot manicure is done both on one nail and on all. And you can alternate it with another varnish, changing the colors of the base and peas. It will look stylish on a matte red lacquer with a monochromatic glossy polka dot with it.

White polka dot manicure also has many variations. It can be the same on all nails, but it can still be drawn on one or two, which is especially fashionable now. In addition, white peas are easy to turn into small flowers, which will only give you personality.

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