Phalanx rings

Phalangeal rings made of gold, silver and other metals are quite popular accessories in recent seasons. Surprisingly, these unusual jewelry was introduced into the trend not by high fashion, but by street fashion. Today, designers have picked up the trend, but they have not been able to find a single solution. Some believe that jewelry such as phalanx rings is worn in a single copy. Others suggest wearing several jewelry on different fingers at once, which, moreover, should contrast with each other. What rings are in fashion, and is it possible to wear silver and gold phalanx jewelry on one hand?

Breaking stereotypes

More recently, the proximity of gold and silver rings was considered a sign of lack of taste, but this rule has remained in the past. Modern women of fashion have learned to harmoniously combine jewelry made of metals of different colors, achieving a stylish effect. Furthermore! This mix looks perfect with wide cuff bracelets. However, in this case, the rule of two colors should be observed, that is, the bracelet should be silver or gold, duplicating the color of one of the phalangeal rings.

Incredibly relevant in the spring-summer season, rings inlaid with pearls. It is worth noting that artificial pearls in this case look no worse than natural ones. You can wear them at least on each finger, but the jewelry should be the same. As for the size of the rings, open specimens, that is, models with open ends, will be an excellent solution. Thanks to this, they can be worn on any finger. If the love for jewelry has no boundaries, it is worth experimenting by putting traditional wide rings on two fingers, and open narrow models on the remaining three.

The novelty of the season is phalanx wide rings, which are decorated with a thin chain. This part can be of various lengths. Double models look great, which are two rings connected by a decorative chain that sags freely between them. By the way, a chain can connect not only two parts of one piece of jewelry, but also two rings that are worn on adjacent fingers.

And do not forget that phalangeal rings are not a trivial accessory, so they are always in the spotlight. And this means that the skin of the hands and manicure must be perfect. Stylists recommend covering your nails with dark-colored varnish, which perfectly sets off the beauty of silver and gold phalangeal rings.

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