One of the most interesting novelties in the field of nail-art are nail sliders, which are special stickers with a wide variety of patterns. These stickers are made from ultra-thin, water-based film. To separate it from the base, it is enough to soak the base by lowering the sticker into water. Manicure with sliders is also in demand because hand-painted nails are much more expensive than a similar design.

Types of sliders

As already mentioned, a manicure with a slider design is done using stickers. This suggests that it can be performed at home, resulting in a salon effect. Due to the thickness of only 10 micrometers, the plastic film fits perfectly on the nail plate, repeating its shape. Since the slider has a white base, the design and the manicure itself can be appreciated immediately by applying the sticker to the nail. If the base is transparent, you should first apply a plain light varnish to the nail.

Those who are interested in nail design with sliders should know that there are several types of these transfer stickers. The most common and popular stickers are solid sliders, which are applied to the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail plate. Deciding to decorate nails with such sliders, do not forget about a millimeter indent from the edge of the cuticle. This is necessary so that the film can be sealed, preventing it from peeling off.

The second type of sliders — applications. They are made from the same film, but are not applied in a continuous layer on the nail, but on its individual sections. Such sliders are mainly used by beginners because of the ease of application. Application films are used to create both manicure and pedicure.

The third type is french stickers, which are pieces of film in the shape of a crescent. They can come in a variety of colors, but the most sought after are white French stickers used for classic French manicures.

Sliders application technique

Sliders are good because they can be used to create a traditional manicure based on varnish and for a base of gel polish. It is worth noting that in the first case, the varnish should not contain acetone, which deforms the film. Manicure with gel polish with a slider allows the application of a film under the finish layer or gel modeling of nails.

If we are talking about a slider design for ordinary varnish, the procedure begins with degreasing the nails and applying the background color. Having picked up the slider of the required size, it is lowered into the water for a few seconds so that the adhesive base gets wet. After wetting excess water, the slider is gently applied to the nail, getting rid of air bubbles. After the sticker has dried, it remains to apply a fixative coating.

Shellac with a slider design is done in a similar way. After nail extension, soak the sticker and stick it on the sticky gel layer. After applying the sculptural gel layer, the nails are polished and a top coat is applied.

Acrylic is a little more difficult. After creating an acrylic substrate on the nails, the master covers it with a small layer of liquid acrylic. While this layer is not dry, it is necessary to apply the slider removed from the base to it. It should be borne in mind that the acrylic composition is capable of deforming the film, so it cannot be moved. It remains to wait until the acrylic layer dries, and cover the nails with an acrylic ball using driving movements.

As for the timing of wearing a manicure with sliders, they depend on the type of design. If we are talking about gel or acrylic, then it will be possible to show off with a fashionable manicure for about three weeks. Stickers applied to regular varnish will not last more than three days.

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