mirror manicure

Mirror manicure is one of the brightest and most attractive trends of recent seasons. There are several ways to achieve this effect — using varnish, film, foil or overlay plates. Let’s consider in detail each of the options.

Mirror manicure with Minx film

Specially designed thermal stickers allow you to achieve, perhaps, the brightest manicure. They can be monochrome or with an unusual pattern: like a snake or leopard, with flowers or stripes, in stars or with abstraction. Minx film is applied as follows:

  • with the help of a special stick it is heated under the lamp;
  • after the coating has shrunk and taken the form of a nail plate, it is applied and smoothed;
  • excess is removed with a nail file;
  • The film is fixed with conventional coating or Shellac.

Mirror manicure with foil

Looks glossier than any polish, but still not as flawless as Minx. Unlike the first method, where the film itself has a sticky side, in this case you will need a special glue. The foil is also used special, it can be transferable and non-transferable — this fact is important to consider when buying.

Manicure with mirror polish

With the help of nail polishes, the effect is somewhat different. In fact, you will not achieve a pronounced “mirror”, but creating such a coating at home is much easier. One of the best varnishes is Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish — the reflective particles in it are the smallest. Also good options are presented by the following brands:

  • Essie-Mirror Metallics;
  • Stranger — Chrome Metal;
  • Maybelline — Mirror Magic
  • Sally Hansen — Chrome Nail Makeup;
  • OPI — Your Royal Shine-ness.

Mirror glitter manicure

Another way to achieve a reflective effect in a manicure is a mirror rub. For this, small sparkles-pollen are used, which are applied to a slightly dried coating. Do not use quick-drying varnishes — it is very difficult to determine the moment when the varnish is no longer smeared, but has not yet grabbed firmly. Shimmer is poured onto the coating from the jar with a brush or applied with a finger (depending on the desire of the master). Next, the glitter is literally rubbed into the varnish. This must be done very carefully so that the coating remains uniform.

The last way to achieve a mirror-like manicure is to use false nails. They are sold in some specialized stores. It is easier to work with them than with any of the above methods, however, often the factory plates do not match the size of the nail, which leaves empty space on the sides.

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