marsala manicure

Marsala or wine is the color of fashion and style, one of the main trends of recent seasons. Its name comes from a strong dessert wine called Marsala, which has been produced for many years in the Italian province of Trapani. This shade is filled with exquisite notes of chocolate, ripe plums and a slightly warm orange undertone. The color is feminine, moderately seductive and attractive, quite noble, wrapping with its warmth, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala manicure will be a successful addition to your look, and its variations will allow you to boldly experiment with nail design.

Marsala with gold

Ideas in the design of trendy Marsala manicure are very diverse and meaningful. Thanks also to bold imagination, you can achieve perfection and beauty in creating a new modern look.

A glossy marsala manicure is very beautiful in a monophonic classic design, and also looks great in combination with black and light beige. Marsala manicure is quite versatile, it will be an excellent decoration for short nails, and also emphasize the beauty of women’s hands of light skin tones with a design of medium length nails.

And, of course, a very festive, successful and win-win option is a Marsala manicure with gold. It can be a design using luxurious gold lacquer, original rhinestones and stickers, ribbons and liquid stones, as well as decor with a gold tint. So, for example, a Marsala manicure with rhinestones suggests a spectacular decoration with this decor of both all fingers and one, which looks very original.

Marsala moon manicure

Wine color will be a worthy beautiful base for the very popular marsala moon manicure. And its execution gives great freedom to choose harmoniously combining shades. Wine shades look great in combination with classic black, versatile light beige and delicate milky color. But also the hole at the base of the nail can be decorated in the form of a semicircle with gold and silver sparkles. To add brightness and zest to such a manicure, do not forget to decorate it with rhinestones, stickers and broths. A very refined and elegant design — with a thin line imitating precious metal on the border of the used lacquer colors.

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