Nail-art does not stand still, and manicure masters create more and more creative ways to design nail plates. Recently, sponge manicure has been especially popular. The fact is that for all its originality, it is very simple in execution.

A manicure with a sponge can be done even on short nails, so it is also universal. If you want to experiment with manicure, but don’t know how to bring your desires to life, then feel free to try to make a manicure using a special manicure technique using the most ordinary sponge.

Gradient manicure with a sponge

Today, just a well-groomed manicure will not strike anyone on the spot. Of course, you can go to a beauty salon, where you will be offered a lot of options for painting and even nail piercings. However, even at home, you can achieve stunning results without overpaying a penny from your family budget. Gradient manicure is now on a special account, which is characterized by the creation of a bright composition using transitions of various tones. A gradient manicure sponge can be absolutely anything, or you can take a sponge used for applying makeup. The main thing is that she does not absorb the varnish too much.

In order to make a gradient manicure with a sponge, it is not necessary to go to a specialist and use gel polish. Simple technology can be done on your own. It just takes a little imagination. Your actions should consist of the following steps:

  • choose the color scheme in which you want to perform a manicure;
  • choose whether the gradient will be horizontal or vertical? Both options are suitable;
  • choose the length of the nails. They can be either long or short.

Apply the first base protective layer, after which you can begin to work directly with the color transitions. To do this, cover your nails with one color and with a sponge, starting from the middle, apply another color with patting movements. After the coating dries, you can start applying the next color. The main thing is to make the transitions smooth. Next, apply a fixative and a trendy manicure is ready. By the way, an ombre manicure sponge can be the same. The technology for applying this version of manicure is practically no different from the previous one. It is necessary to use only two colors that smoothly transition into each other.

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