Manicure sweater

All girls want to have an impeccable and appropriate appearance at any time of the year. That is why, when the cold comes, we want to surround ourselves with something cozy and warm from all sides. Winter is the perfect time for bulky and soft sweaters. However, not so long ago, designers brought into fashion not only the most diverse cuts, colors and knitting options for sweaters, but also managed to make cozy pigtails a manicure trend. Now you can warm up for the winter not only with warm clothes, but it is also appropriate to emphasize the image with such an element as a “knitted sweater” manicure.

Manicure «sweater» — the trend of the winter season

Agree, it is extremely strange to see nails dressed in a warm “sweater” in the summer. This pattern is more relevant in winter, so you should arm yourself with interesting ideas for nail design in the form of a sweater before the first cold weather arrives.

A knitted ornament will look most appropriate on short nails. Such a manicure not only looks beautiful, but also gives an excellent mood, which is so necessary on the eve of many winter holidays. Manicure, the design of which is «sweater», is able to turn ordinary days into a real fairy tale.

If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary and on-trend idea for creating your winter manicure that will go with your warm wardrobe, then we advise you to try on your nails with a winter print in the form of a sweater. This fashion trend has already won the hearts of millions of women. This version of manicure looks especially beautiful with voluminous sweaters, cardigans, as well as knitted dresses. Do not be afraid to experiment, because a manicure in the style of a knitted sweater will look royal on your delicate fingers anyway.

The best option would be a gel coating. The fact is that with the help of ordinary varnish it will be extremely difficult to create a “sweater effect” manicure due to the sticky layer and drying with some islands. Moreover, with the help of gel polish, you can achieve a lasting, and most importantly, quick result. Knitted pigtail looks very gentle in pastel colors. However, this season, manicure masters also offer bright colors for bold and adventurous ladies.

With such a manicure, one is drawn to put on a warm knitted sweater and sit comfortably with a cup of coffee by the fireplace. Sweater manicure looks amazing, and it also prepares your nails for a stylish winter. Decorate yourself with taste, and the whole world will be at your feet!

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