space manicure

Recently, a discreet, classic nail design has become a very popular manicure option. But many girls still miss the glitter, so the stylists went to meet them halfway and offered to complement their images with a space-style manicure this year.

Features of space manicure

Such nail art is a galaxy in your perception, these are nebulae, celestial bodies, planets, perhaps spaceships or unidentified flying objects, but certainly a combination of the most unexpected colors. Today, neat nails of short or medium length are in trend, and they provide a wonderful platform for the fantasies of masters practicing nail art and for girls who want to look fashionable.

Even if you love a laconic jacket, you should try to make it more interesting with the help of sparkles or highlights. Galactic nails in soothing colors will come in handy for daily bows, and bright colors of varnishes will go well with an evening outfit. The most common colors for space manicure are cold shades, but no one forbids you to use burgundy, plum, mint colors.

Space manicure at home

Nail art is the ability to make a work of art out of nails. Moreover, if you wish, you can easily do it yourself, even without serious artistic skills. All you need is patience, free time and a simple set of tools. You will need to create a manicure in the form of space:

  • dark varnish, preferably black, dark blue or dark green, which will act as a base;
  • light polish to give your galaxy a nebula effect;
  • all kinds of bright and sparkling varnishes to paint celestial bodies;
  • colorless varnish for fixing the picture and manicure;
  • a sponge and a piece of paper are elementary drawing aids.

The algorithm of actions is very simple:

  1. Apply dark nail polish to your nails. By the way, a space manicure with gel polish will turn out to be more resistant and spectacular, so if it is possible to dry your nails under a lamp, give preference to this particular varnish. If not, cover the nail plate with ordinary varnish in two layers.
  2. When the foundation begins to dry, use a sponge to apply blurry light and bright spots with a dabbing motion for greater mystery and naturalness.
  3. Draw stars, planets, or whatever you associate a galaxy with, and finish off with a colorless fixer.

Manicure space — your stellar creativity

Space manicure can be done on both short and long nails. This is a huge field for the embodiment of your abilities. Although, even in the absence of such, it is difficult to spoil such nail art, because few people will not be able to draw a rounded planet, the Milky Way, an asterisk. At the same time, it is not necessary that all nails be the same, the goal is to get a single theme. A space manicure with gel polish or regular polish can be done without a pattern as such, simply using a gradient and sparkles or rhinestones. Space manicure looks unusually beautiful and unusual. It attracts the eye, makes you study your every nail, because it is so interesting to mentally dive deep into the universe. Feel free to express your own idea of ​​the world around you in a manicure, try to reveal your vision of our planetary existence. And if you think that you still can’t do it, ask the master in the salon for help, telling him first about what space and the galaxy are for you, and how you want to see your nails.

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