manicure knitted pattern

Manicure «knitted pattern» is a real trend for the cold season. This design of nails resembles knitting used in warm and beloved sweaters. It looks really cozy, goes well with any clothes and looks cute and unconventional.

Nail design knitted manicure

The options are as diverse as the design of real wool sweaters. This manicure looks best on short nails. As a color scheme, delicate and pastel shades are usually chosen: pink, blue, lavender, mint. However, this is not a strict requirement at all, it all depends on your desires. For example, a red knitted manicure is quite suitable for a Christmas or New Year holiday, because this color is traditional for Christmas. A black knitted manicure will also look quite interesting.

In this design of nails, you can play on the difference in textures. The manicure looks especially expressive if a matte base coat is used, and the pattern is made with a glossy varnish.

Knitted manicure is suitable for execution with ordinary varnish and shellac. The only difference is that when using shellac or any other gel polish, you can achieve a convex structure, but a manicure with a knitted pattern with a regular varnish will not have such a volume and you will need to use either varnishes of two shades, or matte and glossy. varnish.

Stages of knitted manicure with gel polish

To make such a manicure with gel polish on the nails, it is necessary to treat the nails: cut the cuticle, polish the nail plate, degrease it and apply a base coat for manicure with gel polish. Next, you should apply several layers of the main varnish, which will serve as a background for the knitting pattern. Each layer needs to be polymerized in a special lamp. Layers must be done so much to create a dense, opaque coating.

Next, you need to start applying the selected pattern. For example, it can be an imitation of braids. Lines on gel polish should be drawn with a special thin brush, achieving a convex effect. It probably won’t work right away. For dense gel polishes, two layers are required, for more liquid ones — three. Each layer must also be dried in a lamp. Thus, the entire desired pattern is applied to the nails, imitating knitting. After it is completed, the manicure needs to be fixed with a transparent top coat and also baked in a UV or LED lamp.

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