Girls want to have well-groomed, neat nails with a beautiful design, but in the modern rhythm of life, there is not always time to visit a master. The two-hour gel-lacquer manicure is being replaced by false nails that we have forgotten. Now it is a really worthy alternative to extensions or gel polish. Especially when you often need to change the design of nails or a manicure is needed for one event.

The market is now saturated with tips for every taste — transparent and colored, plain and with design. On the wilderis platform, everyone will be able to find «their own». They are sold as blanks, which you can independently give the desired look or ready-made sets.

When choosing ready-made plastic nails, you just have to prepare the nail plate and stick the tips. Everything! Manicure at home in 10-15 minutes is provided.

The fakenails store offers you to make your work with false nails easier with a ready-made fixing kit. It has everything you need to prepare and fix the tips: with a file you will give the nail the desired shape and length, with an orange stick you will move the cuticle, with a buff you will polish the nail plate for better adhesion to the artificial material, degrease the nail with an antiseptic wipe, and glue the tips with a convenient glue with a brush .

Such a manicure can last up to 2 weeks. And if you want to attach long nails to a photo shoot or event, it’s better to do it with glue stickers from the same set.

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