When the elements are raging outside the window, why not create a manicure similar to it, which is called «Herringbone»? So what if the Christmas holidays are far behind us. Decorate everyday life with colors of fun for everyone. In addition, for this it is not necessary to decide on some cardinal changes. It is enough to bring in a drop of something new and routine, as it was not.

Herringbone Manicure Ideas

Perfectly executed nail-art is able to flawlessly complement any female look. In addition, a well-chosen nail design will tell about the preferences, mood, and maybe even about the character of its owner.

So, the following are recognized as trend colors for winter nail-art: golden, white, silver, red, green and blue. All that is needed to create a Christmas beauty is two bottles of varnish, manicure strips and all kinds of decorations for the top of this Christmas tree. By the way, you can use rhinestones of different sizes and sparkles as decorations. Moreover, a Christmas tree made of special foil, which is often used to create a Hollywood manicure, will add zest to the manicure.

The most interesting thing is that the herringbone pattern can only show off on one nail and in most cases we highlight the ring finger in this way. To create a festive look, a fluffy beauty can be depicted on each nail plate.

In addition, if there were no manicure strips at hand, then you can draw, let’s say, a creative spruce. So, on one of the nails we create a zigzag line or something resembling a snake. We decorate her crown with a pebble and get a stylish Herringbone manicure made of sparkling rhinestones.

Do not forget that along with this pattern, you can depict snowflakes, perky snowmen, or simply decorate nails in the style of Scandinavian ornaments — those that adorn winter sweaters with deer.

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