Knitted manicure


knitted manicure

In winter, one should not forget about beautiful nails, despite the fact that hands are often hidden under mittens or gloves. A knitted manicure is a great way to make your bow cozy, warmer and, most importantly, fashionable.

Manicure «knitted nails»

Nail design knitted manicure is a novelty in nail art and a trend of this winter. It is simply created for cold days, when there is so little warmth and comfort. A knitted manicure will perfectly complement the sporty image of a skier; it can be done for an event taking place in nature. This manicure, like a knitted sweater, will warm you, make you smile, and attract the attention of others. It is not called so by chance — this nail art has a pattern similar to knitting. Braids, loops, weaves, Scandinavian and Christmas motifs — everything that we associate with knitted things can be reflected in the picture.

Knitted manicure technique

Knitted manicure on short nails looks especially impressive, although it does not exclude long nails. You can make it not only in the salon, but also at home, given the recommendations:

  1. First, apply a base gel on your nails and dry it under a UV lamp.
  2. After that, paint your nails in several layers, you can even use different colors of varnish. Just do not forget to dry each of them under the lamp.
  3. It’s time to apply the pattern. It should also lie on the nail in several approaches, only after that you get a voluminous knitted manicure. It is best to think over the drawing in advance and draw it on paper, and then repeat it in the same sequence of strokes with a thin brush on the nail, again using a lamp to dry each element.
  4. Knitted manicure with acrylic powder looks even more interesting. To achieve a matte, natural effect of a knitted thing, you need to pour the powder on the uncured gel polish, let it soak in, dry it under the lamp, and brush off the excess with a stiff brush. By the way, a knitted manicure with velvet sand is also very original and easy to perform, because many girls often use it in other techniques.

A manicure with the effect of a knitted sweater can decorate all nails or be an accent on only one or two fingers. Freedom of fantasy also applies to the drawing — it will be the same on all nails or different — it’s up to you.

Features of knitted manicure

Masters of manicure are advised to follow simple rules when creating such a design:

  • use matte varnishes in pastel colors that are combined with each other — blue, pink, mint, lavender, beige, white shades are popular this season;
  • perform an ornament on a plain background — this way the pattern looks better and brighter;
  • apply a manicure with gel polish, which, unlike the usual one, looks voluminous and textured;
  • include acrylic powder, velvet sand, “snowball” in the design — with these “helpers”, few people will distinguish your manicure from a professional one;
  • do not avoid in your impulse to make your nails more attractive with the help of sparkles, rhinestones, spikes.

Fashionable knitted nail art has already fallen in love with many of the fair sex. It is used by women who prefer boho style, classic and casual style. Dress your nails in knitted clothes too — you can master the technique quite quickly, and you will enjoy a well-groomed look for a very long time. Of course, the first time “knitting” may not turn out to be perfect, but winter is in full swing and you still have a lot of time to improve your skills, especially since they will most likely come in handy next winter.


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