A unique geometric manicure is very relevant and popular for more than one season. Its design successfully uses geometric shapes of different sizes. Currently, its varieties allow us, women, to boldly experiment with nail design, emphasizing our individuality, to be always bright and trendy.

simple geometry

This version of a simple manicure with geometric patterns is very simple to perform, but quite unusual. The entire nail is covered with the base color. A simple geometry is made to your taste by hand or using, for example, tape for nail design. Figures and stripes are painted over in black or some contrasting color. You need to know that acrylic paint is less resistant than varnish. The use of thicker varnishes allows you to achieve perfection in manicure with a geometric pattern, making your nails more aesthetic and neat.

Complex geometry

Manicure ideas with complex geometry are very diverse and unique. For lovers of beautiful nails, for example, an original geometric manicure is offered, where highly pigmented varnishes are used, which allow you to cover the nail in one layer. A variety of stickers have been successfully used to complete a unique nail design. Stickers look luxurious in the form of metal rivets, which have a strong adhesive base, and most importantly, do not lose their color after use and further removal.

Very original and unique geometric manicure with craquelure effect.

The geometric design of nails with the effect of a cat’s eye looks luxurious. A similar manicure with geometry is often used as one of the win-win and unique options for an evening look. Also in this form, black gel polish or gel paint with strong pigmentation is appropriate. A magnetic gel polish with the effect of a cat’s eye is added to the varnish palette.

Enough bright, festive and elegant is a manicure with geometric oval shapes. It uses both pastel varnishes and quite bold bright ones. The same design is used in different colors. Design elements are made in the form of ovals that move in different directions. Outlining the contour of the oval with black varnish makes this manicure more vivid and expressive. Strict observance of the symmetry of the figures allows you to achieve harmony and beauty in the technique of this manicure.

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