gel manicure

Currently, gel manicure is gradually replacing the method of nail extension from nail salons. And this is not surprising — the new gel coating technology does not harm the nails, on the contrary, it makes them healthier and more beautiful. In addition, the gel gives great opportunities for design.

Features of gel-coated manicure

Such a coating has many advantages:

  • the cuticle with gel manicure grows much more slowly, which cannot but please lovers of perfect nails;
  • gel manicure looks equally good on both short nails and long ones;
  • this coating makes the nails well-groomed, shiny, it lasts up to three months, although, as a rule, it is removed after 2-3 weeks due to the fact that the nail grows and unpainted areas are exposed;
  • Undoubtedly, a huge plus is the widest color range of gel polishes — from pastel shades to daring and shiny ones.

Gel manicure is rightfully considered reliable, although it happens that the coating peels off. This may be due to several reasons, including:

  • poor quality manicure;
  • moisture ingress — it is known that the gel layer cannot be wetted within 2 hours after application;
  • interaction with aggressive chemicals used, for example, for cleaning;
  • hormonal disruptions, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, treatment with certain medications may also not have the best effect on the nail plate and, accordingly, on how the coating is held on it.

Technology of beautiful gel manicure

You can make a gel manicure both in a studio or a nail service salon, and at home. The last option assumes the following set:

  • you will need not only gel varnishes, but also a base and a finishing gel, which, respectively, are applied before and after the main layers;
  • brushes for drawing elements or patterns, if any;
  • orange sticks, which, in fact, perform a function similar to brushes;
  • The UV lamp is perhaps the most important thing in a gel manicure.

Experts recommend doing a classic manicure 1-2 days before the gel coat. This is explained by the fact that if the nail is suddenly injured, then the damage will have time to heal and particles of coloring or chemicals will not get into it. Immediately before applying gel polish, you need to clean and degrease the plate, apply a base biogel, then a color layer, a drawing and complete the procedure by coating the nail with a fixative. Of course, do not forget that the nails are dried under the lamp at almost all stages.

gel polish manicure ideas

Gel manicure is an opportunity to create and fantasize:

  1. One of the trends this season is cat’s eye gel manicure. Such an intriguing name was given to a magnetic coating with highlights and overflows, reminiscent of the brilliance of a precious stone.
  2. Gel manicure with rhinestones is also amazingly beautiful and original. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the color of the varnish — for everyday manicure — beige, gray, pink, for a festive manicure — burgundy, red, plum and simply decorate its surface with sparkling elements or even a pattern of rhinestones.
  3. Glitter gel manicure can also be a simple and successful nail design option even at home. Applying gel polish on your nails is not difficult, and applying glitter is simple, there are several methods.

Gel manicure has many advantages, but of course there are also small disadvantages. If you use this coating too often, your nails may become weak. To prevent this, in order to keep them healthy, let them rest sometimes — periodically use ordinary varnishes, “smart” enamels, or simply leave your nails free of any coatings for a while.

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