Whatever drawings the masters come up with in order to surprise their clients, but bright and colorful drawings are not suitable for everyone. Many of the fair sex really like the classic manicure, called French. A white jacket, like a manicure for the New Year, can be an excellent option. It will not only emphasize the beauty of the hands, but also make any image more feminine, natural, but at the same time sexy.

Best French Manicure Ideas for the New Year

French manicure is a classic that will always be popular. It can be done both for everyday life and festive events. If you want to decorate your nails in this form for the New Year, then it is not necessary to follow all the rules of French manicure. Here you can use all your imagination and fantasy. You can make a festive and bright French manicure for the New Year with the help of sparkles, drawings, rhinestones and much more. In addition, the jacket itself does not have to be done in white. You can replace it with green, orange, red or any other shade you like.

If you want your beautiful New Year’s manicure to last throughout the Christmas holidays, then it can be applied with shellac. The coating will last for about three weeks without fading or fading. However, this procedure is best performed by a professional master.

The classic New Year’s jacket can sparkle in a new way if you decide to add snowflakes, sparkles or fluffy Christmas trees. Don’t be afraid to add glitter, believing that it is no longer fashionable. The fact is that New Year’s illumination and festive decoration will play great in combination with such a manicure, emphasizing the peculiarity of the moment.

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