Extended nail design 2016

Extended nails are a convenient and practical way to make a durable and reliable manicure. But the biggest plus of a gel or acrylic coating is a stylish design that does not lose its appearance when doing even the hardest and most frequent work — washing dishes, washing, cleaning and more. Today, stylists offer a wide variety of interesting manicure ideas for extended nails, which help to emphasize individuality, refined taste and compliance with fashion trends. In our article, we will discuss fashionable new designs of extended nails that are relevant in 2016.

Fashionable design of extended nails 2016

According to stylists, nail extension in 2016 always involves not only an unusual and beautiful, but also a neat design. After all, the gel form is quite strong and strong. It is these qualities that contribute to long-term manicure on artificial plates, which remains beautiful and stylish, despite the lifestyle and activities of a fashionista. Let’s get acquainted with the popular types of design for extended nails in 2016?

Shellac on extended nails. Gel polish manicure remains the most fashionable, not losing its relevance. Popular ideas for shellac design of extended nails in 2016 are also the most diverse — these are all types of jacket, and a plain coating, and a moon manicure, and an original painting. The main feature of such nail-art in the new season is the choice of bright gel colors, contrasting combinations, voluminous decor, expressive drawings.

Matte extended nails. The fashion trend of 2016 was the design of extended nails with matte varnish. Despite the fact that a coating without a glossy sheen is more relevant for a short length, such a manicure is also actively used in nail-art in a gel form. In the new season, stylists suggest choosing matte varnish in deep and catchy colors. It is popular to combine several contrasting shades, complement the design with beautiful decor — sparkles, casting, stickers, as well as use a combination of glossy and matte finishes.

Casting on extended nails. The actual choice in the new season is a manicure with a cast pattern. This design of extended nails in 2016 is considered the most beautiful, sophisticated and sophisticated, which is great for an evening, business or strict everyday look.

Cat manicure on extended nails. For lovers of monochromatic manicure with a touch of originality, stylists offer to decorate extended nails with cat-eye effect varnish. A beautiful shiny stripe on the gel form will be even more expressive and mysterious.

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