Extended French nails

french extended nails

Sophisticated French manicure is recognized as a classic and is the choice of many women. Its popularity is not at all surprising, because this design is suitable for absolutely any outfit, elegant, appropriate for all events and practical for everyday wear. Therefore, French extended nails are the most frequent order in beauty salons. Moreover, many varieties of nail art have appeared, allowing you to create a unique design of French manicure.

Standard white jacket on extended nails

Of course, the classic type of jacket is the leader in the variety of nail designs. Fashion trends dictate naturalness, and the type of French manicure in question is perfect for a natural look.

A standard French extension involves the use of beige and pale pink, camouflage acrylic or gel polish for the base coat, as well as white material to create a smile line.

If you want to diversify or refresh such a French manicure quite a bit, you can change the shape of the lower edge of the free end of the nail. For example, a classic jacket with a triangular and zigzag smile line looks beautiful. Additionally, you can draw a border between the camouflage and white zone with a thin strip of a contrasting color or shimmer.

French design ideas for extended nails

For women who like to experiment and stand out, manicure masters offer different variations of interesting nail art based on classic French manicure.

Black jacket

The complete opposite of the standard type of design, which looks unusual and elegant. Such a design is carried out very simply — instead of beige, a black matte varnish is applied, the smile line is painted in black gloss.

French with a pattern and various pictures on extended nails

You can complement and decorate a classic French manicure with the following patterns:

  • flowers;
  • feathers;
  • geometric figures;
  • parallel and perpendicular lines;
  • animal prints;
  • bows;
  • fruit;
  • lace;
  • landscapes;
  • curls;
  • ethnic ornaments and others.

metallic french

This nail art is done similarly to the black version of the design, only now “metallic” matte and glossy varnishes, golden or silver are combined.

French with rhinestones on extended nails

It is important to observe moderation when decorating a French manicure with artificial stones, if you overdo it, all the elegance of the design will be lost. Masters advise gluing rhinestones either along the smile line, or decorating only 1 nail with them.

Contrasting jacket

It is not necessary to use exclusively white for coloring the free edge. Modern nail art involves a jacket with a red, black, blue, pink, blue smile line. If the outfit allows, you can decorate it with brighter and more saturated shades.

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