deer manicure

Regardless of the season, every girl tries to look attractive and extraordinary in her own way. This is especially true of the winter holidays, which allow you to add funny and unusual highlights to the image. It is not only about the wardrobe or hairstyle, but also about the manicure. After all, it is he who is the main decoration of delicate female hands.

Recently, deer manicure has been very popular, which perfectly conveys the New Year’s mood.

Deer Manicure Ideas

Each fashionista, depending on her wishes, can come up with an original design for her nails. However, stylists recommend paying attention to the trend of the previous and new season — to decorate each nail in a different way. For example, it can be a drawing of a red deer, complemented by snowflakes, prints or various patterns. In this case, you can choose both contrasting colors, and use several shades.

A gray manicure will look very elegant. However, two fingers should be highlighted with white varnish, on which you can draw a funny face of a deer and snowflakes. Such a design will undoubtedly attract the attention of others to your nails and give a lot of positive emotions.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, you should also pay attention to the manicure with deer in the Norwegian style. The characteristic pixel ornament, which evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort, will look best on neat nails of medium length. By the way, under such a manicure you can pick up a beautiful sweater with deer. Such an ensemble will always be associated with home comfort and good mood.

You can also combine contour patterns with a deer pattern. In this case, it is best to use contrasting colors, for example, dark blue and white. Noble tones will perfectly fit not only into the everyday look, but also decorate the festive attire.

It is worth noting that among the abundance of colors for the execution of the drawing, it is the red manicure with deer that is most popular. Undoubtedly, it will become the center of attention of the whole image and will be suitable for any winter party. For example, by painting your nails with a darker shade of red, and decorating your ring finger with a white heart and two deer, you can get a great manicure for Valentine’s Day.

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