chameleon nail polish

A beautiful manicure often requires a fairly large amount of time and careful care. But what if you need to quickly put your nails in order at home and at the same time want to make an original design? — In this case, stylists recommend doing a single-color nail-art. And so that your choice of varnish emphasizes individuality and creativity, it is worth stopping at an unusual color. The most suitable for this would be a chameleon manicure. This coating looks very beautiful due to the transition of shades and color changes at different angles and lighting.

Today, the range of chameleon nail polishes is very wide. The most popular are evening shades of blue, green, purple. Delicate colors of pink and blue also look stylish and feminine. Unusually decorate nails with metal-style varnishes — gold and silver. In addition to a simple coating, manicure masters use persistent chameleon nail gel. This material allows you to make a beautiful extraordinary design that will not be erased or peel off.

Chameleon Nail Design

In addition to monophonic chameleon nails, stylists suggest using unusual colors of varnishes and gel for fantasy design. Most often, a color transition coating is used as a base. The most popular chameleon lacquer pattern is lace abstraction, mesh and magnetic pattern. Since the material has a bright glare and is often complemented by sparkles, rhinestones, beads or modeling will be inappropriate. But if you want to add a touch of luxury to your nail-art, then glitter is the best choice.

With the help of chameleon nail polish, you can make a stylish ombre. For this, two or more transitional colors are used. In addition, the chameleon is great for a fancy jacket and a French or millennium moon manicure. But the most popular design of the last season was snake nail-art with a transition of colors and a clear selection of scales.

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