black manicure with rhinestones

In a woman, everything should be perfect, starting from the choice of the color of the headdress and ending with an impeccable manicure on the nails. To date, there are a large number of varieties of nail-art, among which the mysterious black manicure with rhinestones is quite popular.

It is worth noting that the undoubted advantage of these sparkling decorative particles is that they can be used a huge number of times, laying out rhinestones on the nail according to various patterns and creating incredibly beautiful drawings. And the black color of the varnish will help you come up with a stylish evening or everyday look.

Ideas for black manicure with rhinestones

  1. First of all, it is worth mentioning the popular moon nail art, where the lunula of the nail is painted with a varnish that contrasts with what is used as the main one. In our case, we take black as the main one. So, we paint over the hole with one of the following colors: golden, gray-brown, chocolate, steel or beige. We give this particular color scheme for the reason that it is in perfect harmony with black. Rhinestones can be selected in any size. It all depends on individual preferences. With their help, we create something like the rim of the hole.
  2. Both on a glossy and matte manicure with black varnish and rhinestones, the combination with white looks great. The most interesting thing is that this classic is suitable for absolutely any look. For example, you can highlight one of the nails on your hand with a contrasting color, strewn with rhinestones. If you want something original, then the polka dot pattern will come to the rescue. Inside each such «pea» you can place a miniature pebble.
  3. No less trendy is the gradient manicure or, as it is also called, ombre. It is important to mention that this is a method of applying varnish, in which one color or shade smoothly transitions into another. It is important to remember that elegant black looks great with white, pink, red, yellow, lilac, orange, green and light green. On black nails with rhinestones, such a manicure will look very impressive. Small sparkling particles are best placed on the nail of the ring finger.
  4. At the top of the fashion Olympus, there is still a French manicure, to which black nails with rhinestones will add more attractiveness. When you want to add a touch of mystery and lightness to your outfit, decorate the tip of the nail with a small black and white pattern, covering the rest of the nail plate with beige varnish. Rhinestones will complete the nail-art.

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