beige manicure

Delicate and discreet, at first glance, the beige color can be advantageously beaten, making your hands more perfect and gentle with it.

Despite the fact that the nude color at first glance seems boring and inconspicuous, nevertheless, with its help, women’s hands can literally be transformed. Beige manicure can be the main highlight of the whole image. The main thing is to choose the right design and correctly place all the accents.

Manicure with beige varnish

Recently, it is very popular to decorate one nail, leaving the rest intact. Most often, the emphasis is on the ring finger. In this case, it is appropriate to apply glitter, rhinestones or some expressive pattern. It will also be very interesting to look at a combination of several techniques. It can be a leopard print decorated with rhinestones, in the form of a moon jacket. And if you use shellac varnish, then this fashionable design will please its owner for a long time.

Lovers of attention and clubbing will surely like a beige manicure with rhinestones and sparkles, which helps to create a glamorous and stylish look. Also, with the help of these decorative elements, you can create a beautiful everyday option that will delight you with its originality. For example, it can be a nude translucent base, decorated with iridescent rhinestones on the nails. But the ring finger can be decorated with gold or silver glitter.

Owners of long nails can apply black stripes to the beige coating and decorate them as they wish. It can be the same rhinestones or glitter.

One of the universal options can be safely considered a beige manicure with a pattern, which is characteristic of more romantic and sophisticated natures. They can complement the image for a date and even a wedding. For example, on the selected basis, a contour drawing of a darker shade or a small white floral print will look very gentle. But for those who want to show originality, each nail should be decorated differently.

Beige manicure for short nails

The soft coloring of the varnish allows it to serve not only as a good basis for long nails. This is a universal option. In addition, this shade has a huge plus that will please many women. The fact is that a beige manicure on short nails visually lengthens them. Thus, the desire to have nails a little longer than their own is quite feasible.

Short nails are not a reason to limit yourself to monochrome design. Fashionable prints and various glitters can be applied to any length. However, the handles will look beautiful if they are well-groomed. For example, covering your nails with beige varnish, you can decorate them at the base of the cuticles with silver sparkles. You will get a very fashionable and gentle image. But lovers of ethnic motifs will like contrasting patterns. It can also be delicate lace or some hieroglyphs. Well, as a daily option, you should give preference to a manicure in beige tones. In this case, all nails can be decorated with different nude shades.

The use of pastel colors also helps business women who must adhere to a strict dress code. In this case, a beige manicure will be an ideal option and will emphasize femininity and professionalism in a business woman. For example, you can make a moon beige manicure or decorate your nails with a jacket using nude tones.

And finally, I would like to add that a beige manicure looks perfect on any length of nails, but only if they are well-groomed. In addition, this color goes well with others, especially black. This is a good opportunity to create a contrast of colors.

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