Wedding manicure - the best ideas and designs for the bride's nails

Any representative of the fair sex wants to be unsurpassed at her wedding. Everything should be thought out to the smallest detail, individual accessories and makeup should match perfectly with the dress. An elegant wedding manicure is one of the elements of the image of a newlywed, because everyone’s attention will be riveted to a beautiful ring.

Wedding manicure 2017

This year, brides should be original in their decisions, because they are the main characters at the wedding, who will always be in the spotlight. This rule also applies to wedding nails 2017, which can be represented by the following variations:

  • exquisite weaving of lace;
  • creating brilliance and chic with rhinestones that adorn one or more fingers;
  • the use of delicate floral motifs or feminine sophisticated patterns.

wedding nails 2017

Beautiful wedding manicure

The whole image of the newlywed should be harmonious and verified to the smallest detail. This takes into account not only the dress, but also the bouquet, which is in the hands for most of the ceremony. To achieve compliance with this rule, it is recommended to adhere to such requirements that wedding nails must meet:

  • in order to look as natural as possible, brides opt for pastel colors to give brightness to the image, use bright and saturated ones;
  • as for the length of the nail plate, it can be absolutely any, in this matter it all depends on personal preferences;
  • nails extended with acrylic or gel will not always be more refined than well-groomed natural ones.

We can highlight such stylish trends that are gaining popularity this year:

  • bright and rich French;
  • fashionable wedding manicure containing geometric and floral motifs;
  • abstract painting in rich colors.

trendy wedding manicure

Wedding manicure for short nails

You can create a stylish image for a solemn ceremony not only for the fair sex, who have long nails. Wedding manicure for the bride for short nails is also in trend, since it is characterized by maximum naturalness. In order for the design to look as harmonious as possible, it is recommended to adhere to the following conditions:

  • depending on individual preferences, you can give an oval or rectangular shape;
  • In order for short nails to have an attractive look, you should use a good quality varnish that will look perfect for a long time. Shellac, which contains both varnish and gel, can be used as a coating;
  • a bride’s manicure for short nails is not a reason to abandon such trendy options as a jacket or a moon;
  • nails of small length do not need additional design elements, they will look natural and romantic if they are painted in nude tones;
  • to give a festive gloss, you can use sparkles, pebbles and rhinestones.

bridal manicure for short nails

Wedding manicure for long nails

Girls preparing for the wedding will be able to show all the scope of their imagination, having long nails. The bride’s manicure can be done on both natural and extended nails. In the latter case, it is better to choose a biogel, because it is a continuation of the natural nail coating and does not harm it. You can designate such common options for a long nail plate:

  • modeling in 3D style — gives expressiveness, with its help you can make a spectacular accent on the ring finger. There is a point that is definitely recommended to take into account: it is better to make such a coating a couple of days before the wedding so that all the ideality is preserved;
  • aquarium design — it is performed as follows: a specialist applies acrylic powder, and lays out a drawing on top;
  • wedding manicure, which is a regular French or fan frenchthe latter should be used only if a similar color is present in the outfit of the bride and groom.

wedding manicure for long nails

Wedding Manicure Ideas

A wedding is one of the most exciting moments in the life of any woman, on this day you want everything to go perfectly. Therefore, girls follow fashion trends in order to turn ideas into reality. Since bridal manicure options are constantly being updated with new application methods and traditions, you can choose the most suitable one to give perfection to the image. There are a number of trends that are popular among girls, and when an exciting moment comes, they do not forget to turn to them:

  • wedding French manicure, moon, made in various variations, a combination of these two types;
  • adding gloss with rhinestones or sparkles;
  • drawing all kinds of original drawings;
  • the use of glossy or matte coatings, their combination;
  • a combination of several shades of the color palette;
  • giving a stylish accent with modeling or lace elements.

wedding manicure options

Wedding french manicure

For many seasons, newlyweds opt for such an option as a French wedding manicure. It is traditionally associated with femininity and sophistication; when applied to it with a creative approach, you can create a truly unique and indescribable image. The shape of the nail plate can be selected depending on individual preferences, it can be either oval or with a sharp edge. The following colors are available to choose from:

  • classic — snow-white tips;
  • all nude tones are relevant;
  • at the peak of popularity is the fan-french wedding manicure, which can be made in all sorts of shades. The main condition that must be observed is that it must be in the same colors as the elements contained in the outfit. Another option would be to choose a color similar to the bouquet.

bridal manicure french

Wedding manicure with rhinestones

One of the leading options is a delicate wedding manicure with rhinestones, multi-colored pebbles add a charming shine to the nails of the newlywed, striking in their luxury and brightness. Rhinestones are presented in an extensive assortment, the choice can be made depending on the material and colors:

  • it can be crystal, acrylic or zirconium pebbles;
  • white or transparent rhinestones are offered as color solutions, but if desired, you can also choose colored ones. The main requirement in this case is that they must match the style and tone of the outfit;
  • wedding manicure with rhinestones can decorate one ring or several fingers.

wedding manicure with rhinestones

Wedding drawings on nails

To add variety to the festive look when creating a nail design, wedding patterns on the nails will help. The image is made using the stamping technique, as well as the hands of the stylist — acrylic varnish applied with a brush. It is not necessary to apply a pattern to each nail plate, you can select one of them, make others plain. You can identify the following main types of patterns:

  • lace;
  • floral;
  • geometric;
  • abstract.

wedding nail designs

Wedding manicure with modeling

Modeling on the nail plates is a very complex pattern to wear, which is incredibly popular as a bride’s wedding manicure. The choice of pattern should be approached carefully so that the result can please the bride and groom. You should not overdo it with this element, it is better to choose a small area on the nail plates or use modeling only on the ring finger. This is due to the fact that such decoration looks voluminous, it is recommended to approach it carefully so as not to overload the image.

  wedding manicure with stucco

Wedding manicure with lace

One of the most successful options that will harmoniously complement the outfit for a wedding is an unusual wedding manicure made in the form of lace patterns. He is the best fit for the dress and add femininity to the image of the bride. The following application options are possible:

  • a lace pattern can be applied with a brush or stamping;
  • The most common tone for such a pattern is a wedding white manicure, but a girl may wish to perform it in black or nude shades, which will add zest to her style.

wedding manicure with lace

Bright wedding manicure

Recently, themed weddings have become extremely popular, where any color is taken as the main accent. In this case, a certain shade is present on the bride’s outfit, they correspond to the bouquet, the design of any decor elements at the wedding. The design of nails can also be combined with the color scheme of the ceremony. For example, a wedding blue manicure looks very stylish and impressive; it can also be made in red, bright pink, lilac tones. This choice will be a great alternative to the usual pastel shades.

bridal blue manicure

Matte wedding manicure

Nail design for a solemn ceremony can be made not only in glossy and shiny colors, you can also choose a chic wedding manicure, which uses a matte finish. When creating it, it is necessary to take into account certain points, which are as follows:

  • it must be applied in layers to get an even and uniform layer, this is necessary to create a neat and well-groomed appearance;
  • for this style, marigolds of short or medium length are perfect;
  • beads, sequins or rhinestones can be a great decoration, which will add elegance.

matte wedding manicure

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