Wedding manicure — fashion trends 2016


wedding manicure fashion trends 2016

Wedding manicure is one of the most beautiful and important elements of the whole image of the bride, which in 2016 stylists offer in the most original and unusual solutions. It is originality and individuality that have become the most important trends in the wedding style in nail-art art. Indeed, most often in this matter, women of fashion give themselves to the classics, completely unaware that today the classic choice is no longer universal. In addition, the more unusual your design is, the more interesting your whole image will be. Therefore, the choice of wedding manicure 2016 should be approached not only taking into account fashion trends, but also the individual style of your outfit, hairstyle and even the groom’s wardrobe.

Wedding Manicure Ideas 2016

The current trends in wedding manicure 2016 are primarily aimed, as mentioned above, at the individuality and originality of style. But at the same time, the most fashionable ideas convey such qualities as shocking and tenderness, irascibility and moderation, aggressiveness and calmness in the image of the bride. How is it possible to combine the incongruous? The answer to this question lies in the review of the most fashionable ideas for a beautiful wedding manicure in 2016.

wedding jacket 2016. If, after reading the subtitle, you think that the classic jacket is still relevant and you should not even bother with such a design, then you are deeply mistaken. This season, French manicure has remained standard only in the choice of color. But at the same time, it is important to add details that do not correspond to similar nail-art — highlighting one finger with a pattern, a pattern with stones and rhinestones, adding contrasting shades.

Flower modeling for a wedding. The most delicate wedding manicure 2016 is considered to be a design with an acrylic flower arrangement. After all, buds, petals and other elements in a similar theme will never interfere with the romantic image of the bride. This season, voluminous and concise modeling, as well as bright and calm ideas, are in fashion.

Casting and stones. Luxury will not be superfluous even in a delicate and fragile way. Therefore, such a fashionable trend of wedding manicure 2016 as cast patterns with liquid stones simply could not help gaining popularity. For such a design, a french or moon manicure is considered the actual basis.

negative space. The most original and unusual idea of ​​the bride’s wedding manicure 2016 is irregular geometry. Negative space is popular in classic black and white, as well as natural colors. But, despite the restraint of shades, such a design can make even the simplest and most unprepossessing look incredible. After all, this nail-art perfectly demonstrates how to organize what is by default associated with chaos.


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