transparent manicure

Fashion is so changeable. She constantly dictates new trends and trends. Currently, special attention is paid to gentle and simple make-up and manicure. It is believed that it is calm and natural shades that give the image femininity, tenderness and at the same time a special charm. In this case, a transparent manicure is considered the best option.

Transparent moon manicure

This decor looks luxurious. It has a number of advantages:

  1. The possibility of using rhinestones. Such decor can be glued along the contour of the semicircle of the hole.
  2. A lunar transparent manicure can be applied using a special stencil or strips used for a jacket.
  3. The design of the hole can be made in the form of an arc, a semicircle or even a triangle.

As a rule, the manicure of the hole is performed with a transparent gel polish, and the rest of the surface of the nail is covered with a gel polish of any shade. Thanks to the ability to combine color variations, a moon manicure can be a great addition to both a strict business style and a festive event.

Transparent manicure with a pattern

This variant of the design of the nail plates got its name due to the finish coating. The decor applied to the nails is covered on top with a transparent gel polish. This creates a translucent effect.

A transparent black manicure looks amazing. Such nails can be decorated with openwork patterns. The combination of black with a contrasting white or light beige tone or a bright reddish tint looks spectacular. Well, if a transparent manicure is still decorated with sparkles, you can’t think of a better option for a festive event.

Transparent manicure for short nails

Undoubtedly, long nails look stylish and beautiful. But not all girls can afford long nails. For example, masseuses, doctors, musicians, and representatives of other professions should be content with short nails. And some ladies consciously choose short nails.

But short nails do not mean “stumps”. If the nail plates are given a beautiful shape and decorated with taste, such nails will look amazing. The main thing is not to overdo it with sparkles, rhinestones and other decor. As for the shape, almond-shaped and semicircular nails are in trend. But the square shape is no longer relevant.

For short nails, pastel shades are an excellent solution (they are used as a base). Dots, zigzags and other patterns are applied with varnishes in rich colors.

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