tumbler style

Synonyms of the tumbler style can be safely called brightness, individuality, uniqueness, and so on. In turn, the girls who give preference to him know everything about the latest fashion news, actively care for their appearance, figure, in general, they know how to present themselves to this world. Moreover, each has its own tumbler or, as it is also called, tumblr, and therefore, seeing photos of such beauties on Instagram, you definitely want to learn something for yourself from them. In addition, this style has its own rules, which are worth knowing about for those who want to plunge into his world.

Tumbler manicure

It is worth noting that tumblr girls prefer grunge-style manicures. Thus, grunge, in a way, personifies a protest against modern society, as if declaring: “I challenge your stereotypical thinking, unnecessary rules and social norms!”. Therefore, when choosing a varnish, we prefer dark colors (brown, blue, burgundy, black), but if the soul asks, then nails can be decorated with patterns of light, natural, and even bright colors. Marigolds of medium or even short length are welcome. Peeling varnish is inappropriate in this or any other style.

In addition, toggle-style nails can be safely painted in nude shades, choose neon colors. The main thing is that the manicure is combined with the general outfit.

Tumbler Hairstyles

Colored curls or a strand of hair — that’s what’s important here. In addition to the fact that they should be well-groomed, their individuality should be expressed with the help of different colors. So, extravagant personalities consider it necessary to paint them in blue, pink, and romantic natures — in lavender.

In addition, tumblr girls love voluminous buns, tousled tails, side parting, lush bouffant, light waves. When it comes to length, long hair is popular. The main thing in a hairstyle is its originality. Accessories can be scarves, wreaths of artificial flowers.

Tumbler Makeup

Naturalness, first of all. Make-up should be discreet, only emphasizing dignity. Arrows, false eyelashes are allowed, which should look natural. Lips should be highlighted with gloss. The main focus is on the eyes. In addition, with the help of concealers, powder and foundation, we create the effect of perfect facial skin.

Tumbler style jewelry

An equally important element of the tumbler look is the accessories that complement the look. So, look at the voluminous gold or silver watches, long boho-style earrings, all kinds of colorful baubles, feminine bracelets that help emphasize the elegance of the image. The favorite piece of jewelry for tumblr girls is the choker. It can be budget, but the main thing is not to be bulky. Moreover, you can make it yourself from fishing line.

Tumbler style clothing

T-shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters — this is the most interesting thing in tumbler style. For example, to create an image for every day, you should always have a plaid shirt, light tight jeans, and a T-shirt on hand. In addition, it is useful to have an oversized jacket, short shorts, a white T-shirt and a sun skirt in your wardrobe.

For cool weather, we put on a bomber jacket and boyfriends. A festive “bow” will create a delicate lace dress in pastel colors that looks great with jeans. If you need to choose an outfit for playing sports on autumn evenings, then we put on our favorite comfortable dark-colored pants and a spacious sweatshirt.

Interestingly, the tumbler style is freedom of movement, comfort and convenience, and therefore, when choosing clothes, you should build on these parameters.

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