The most fashionable shape of nails 2017 — almond and oval, sharp and round


Fashionable nail shape 2017 - what nails are in fashion this year?

The dynamics of trends in women’s fashion affects every aspect that affects the stylish image. And in addition to the main elements — wardrobe, accessories, hairstyles and makeup — innovations are also relevant for secondary details, often causing originality and originality of appearance. One of these little things is the fashionable form of nails 2017.

Nail shape 2017 — fashion trends

New concepts of actual nail-art clearly pronounce the trendy format of a stylish manicure. However, as in any rule, here stylists make mistakes that are associated with the features of appearance and personal preferences. This season, old-fashioned and conservative views are acceptable, setting the general style of determination and individuality. However, by adhering to the latest trends in the art of fashionable manicure, you automatically choose a win-win option. Let’s find out what form of nails is in fashion 2017:

  1. Popular nail shape 2017 — square. Clear square borders have been out of date for several seasons. However, this is just the option that is individually ideal for a certain type of appearance. This format is often chosen by lovers of a bright short design with fingers of medium thickness.
  2. nail shape 2017 fashion trends

  3. soft corners. The most popular solution of this season is the softening of any points. A soft square is a universal choice for any look, type of appearance and direction of the wardrobe.
  4. what shape of nails is in fashion 2017

  5. outrageous. If you consider yourself to be an extraordinary person whose everyday style causes both indignation and admiration, then the unrealistic textures of the nail plate are just what you need. Connected tubes, curly edges and twisted spirals are applicable for themed bows.
  6. nail shape 2017

  7. The current form of nails 2017 — a combination of styles. An interesting and trendy choice of this year is an ensemble of two models at the same time on one hand. As a rule, stylists prefer pointed and blunt edges.
  8. popular nail shape 2017

Almond shaped nails 2017

Choosing such a model, it is not difficult to guess what the almond-shaped nail plates look like. After all, the name itself speaks of the outlines in the form of a walnut — rounded at the base and narrowed towards the edge. Fashionable almond-shaped nails 2017 always look very neat, but require a special design choice. It is important to observe not only personal preferences and wardrobe colors. «Nut» borders can reveal any, even minor flaws in manicure, and in catchy solutions you risk looking vulgar. Therefore, the right choice would be conciseness and rigor of nail-art.

almond shaped nails 2017

Almond shaped nails 2017

almond shaped nails 2017

Sharp nails 2017

In recent seasons, sharp claws have faded into the background, giving the lead to soft and streamlined borders. However, if you want to pamper yourself with “cat weapons”, then you should know that the fashionable form of nails in 2017 does not exceed one and a half centimeters in height, but it is better to stop at a short length. To make the manicure look feminine and sexy, round the nail plates towards the palm of your hand. This choice is great for elegant classic outfits, an evening look with a dress with a neckline or a high slit, and will be indispensable for the idea of ​​a girl in red.

sharp nails 2017

Sharp nails 2017

trendy nail shape in 2017

Ballerina nail shape 2017

This model is the trend of the current fashion period. A description of this format can also be found under the name pointe nail shape 2017. The first associations of grace, femininity and romance fully characterize this choice. The borders of the nail plates in the style of a ballerina are distinguished by a smooth narrowing from the base to the edge and an even sawing of the top, visualizing the professional shoes of dancers. Pointe shoes are suitable for any type of appearance and features of the handles — full and thin, long and short fingers. For such a manicure, both moderation and experiments in design are relevant.

ballerina nail shape 2017

Ballerina nail shape 2017

pointe nail shape 2017

Round nail shape 2017

A win-win solution would be a rounded plate border. However, in this case, it is important to take into account some criteria. If your fingers are full and short, then the fashionable shape of nails 2017 in the form of a circle is categorical for you. After all, with this choice you will add even more volume to already inelegant hands. For thin hands and long fingers, the round format is ideal, because it always looks neat and well-groomed. And if you trusted a skilled craftsman, then with the help of a beautiful and suitable design, he will make a real masterpiece.

round nail shape 2017

Round nail shape 2017

nail shape 2017

Oval nail shape 2017

The undoubted trend in 2017 was the shape in the form of an oval. This format is closest to naturalness, which lately, and especially this season, dictates the rules of a stylish look. Oval is the most fashionable nail shape in 2017 and because of its versatility. Such borders can easily be turned into any other model. With the help of an oval manicure, you can adjust the fullness of the hands and fingers, which is important for full fashionistas. It is worth noting the accuracy of such a decision. After all, the absence of any angles and straight lines always looks feminine and elegant.

oval shape nails 2017

Oval nail shape 2017

most fashionable nail shape 2017

Nail length 2017

Perhaps, someone is pretty surprised now, but not every solution to the shape of the plate can be applied to any of its lengths. According to stylists, often girls who are not savvy in this regard demonstrate tasteless solutions, not even realizing that their style reputation is being undermined. And before deciding what length of nails is in fashion in 2017, it is worth memorizing the three main rules of a win-win manicure:

  1. Accuracy. With a wide variety of bright and eye-catching design ideas, it’s important to always stay neat. This is especially true for solutions that reveal any oversights — matte design, nude, plain dark or white coating.
  2. nail length 2017

  3. Femininity. Even in such a trifle as nail-art, it is important to remain a woman. Add more accessories and jewelry — such solutions are in trend in 2017.
  4. what is the length of nails in fashion 2017

  5. Hand skin care. Your impeccability will be demonstrated not only by a decorative choice in manicure, but also by attention to hands in general. Do not forget to moisturize the skin and cuticles separately, which directly affects the beautiful and even surface of the nail plate.
  6. current nail shape 2017

Short nails 2017

If you are a fan of small length or such a choice is relevant to your lifestyle, then any aggressive decisions are prohibited for you. Sharp corners and lines narrowed to one point are not acceptable for a short manicure. Round borders, a win-win oval and a soft square are considered the surest choice. It is worth mentioning that the fashionable length of nails in 2017, according to the short criteria, is no more than five millimeters of protrusion above the finger.

short nails 2017

Short nails 2017

fashionable nail length 2017

Long nails 2017

If you are a happy owner of an attractive elongated manicure, then you have a choice for every taste. The fashionable shape and length of nails 2017 in the long category are considered the most versatile and extensive platform for the realization of any fantasy. For long lengths, pointed edges, feminine pointe shoes, soft square borders, and the popular oval format are relevant.

long nails 2017

Long nails 2017

shape and length of nails 2017

Fashionable shape and design of nails 2017

Turning to the decorative side of the question of a stylish manicure, most likely a definite quick answer will not come to you. In 2017, the variety of ideas and proposals of stylists is so great that sometimes it is impossible to decide at all. A wide selection of stylish nail-art is due not only to the color scheme, but also to the finish. However, the fashion for the shape of nails in 2017 closely links the relevance of the outlines of the plates and the ability to change their format with the help of design:

  1. Visual elongation of the plate. Any verticals on the coating that can outwardly make the manicure longer and the fingers thinner are considered an actual solution. The most popular was the cat-eye style and stripes, often applied to oval and almond-shaped formats.
  2. fashion shape and nail design 2017

  3. Imaginary volume. In order for elongated borders with straight outline lines to look harmonious on thin fingers and thin hands, it is worth adding visual splendor. Three-dimensional images, three-dimensional drawings and powder patterns are the ideal choice.
  4. nail shape fashion 2017

  5. Accuracy of full-scale solutions. Any fashionable form of nails in 2017 will be neater and more concise if the design is done in natural colors. But to eliminate unattractiveness, add rhinestones, sparkles, casting or glitter.
  6. most fashionable nail shape 2017

  7. Vibrant contrasts and patterns. Catchy design solutions imply a clear outline of the nail plates. Therefore, a bright style is more relevant for pointed and oval models.
  8. nail shape 2017 fashion trends


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