While someone is collecting thousands of hearts under the photo just posted, our heroine, having shared a selfie, managed to disgrace the whole world!

A trip to the cinema, a new manicure or just a cup of latte in a cafe — how, you haven’t photographed all this and shared a new post??? The realities of modern life are such that each of our important events or just ordinary pastime must certainly be reflected in the social network.

And it all started so prosaically…


Yes, user «Alyssa» just wanted to show off her new little black dress. And what? Didn’t have the right? But something didn’t go according to plan…

it all started

The most attentive have already managed to look into the future of the girl and even sympathize with her hubby!


And here everything started spinning … It seems that many have already forgotten what that damn black dress looked like when there was SUCH on the floor !!! Yes, and a bag of marshmallows!


What do you think — is it a bag of coins or maybe just such a handbag?

bag with nickels

Help us unsee this! Damn, damn, damn! Waffle iron? In the bedroom???

waffle iron

So… We haven’t recovered from the previous photo! Don’t be so cruel to us!


But the world was not without good people!


We are so grateful to you — oh king of photoshop!


And it seems that in such a situation there is only one way out — to get yourself such a pet!

smart pet

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