scary halloween costumes

On Halloween, everything should be scary, terrifying: costumes, makeup, manicures, accessories and even home decorations. What can we say, but it so happened that All Saints Day is a chilling holiday, when witches, zombies, evil clowns, dolls and other devilry freely roam the streets.

Scariest Halloween Costumes

This list will start with the image of a dead bride who has risen from hell. And this is not about the main character of the famous cartoon of genius Tim Burton, but about something even more terrifying. So, spooky make-up, white outfit, splattered with blood and, if necessary, hands that look like monster limbs — that’s all, the festive character is ready.

It is impossible not to agree that not everyone loves clowns. There is something frightening about them. Of course, maybe for those who haven’t read Stephen King’s It or watched the movie of the same name, clowns are nothing to worry about. Although the correct make-up, facial expression and costume will help to scare others.

White long hair, pale face, scleral lenses — voila, the image of a ghost girl is ready, a kind of lady from Viy. Definitely, having met such a person in a dark alley, you will need to immediately call an ambulance. It looks very scary, but on the other hand and attractive. By the way, in most cases, long stickers on the fingers will help to complete the image, which visually lengthen them by 5-10 cm.

Who hasn’t been afraid of these creatures after watching The Walking Dead? But the holiday is approaching, when they will be full of them both in public transport, and in cafes, and on the streets. When you see them, you just want to grab your head (so that, just in case, they don’t stretch out their brains) and run away wherever their eyes look. By the way, for many, this is one of the scariest images for Halloween, because the right make-up and makeup do their job.

The image of the Chucky doll, the girl from the movie “The Call”, which is about to come out of the TV, will scare the passer-by no less, and the Voodoo costume pierced with a needle looks no less impressive. You look at it, and you want to hide under the covers.

What human imagination can’t come up with: a girl with an ax, obviously Raskolnikov’s sister, and a mummy whose body has long decayed, a walking dead man with eyes filled with demonic anger, an evil witch with a thorn in his eyes. And no less frightening is the girl dressed in the costume of the holy death, which is so revered in Mexico.

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