red nails design 2016

Red manicure remains one of the most popular designs in 2016. In such a decision, the main fashionable note is always the choice of the color of the nail coating. After all, red is always feminine, decisive, independent and sexy. And, despite the fact that nail-art is considered a minor element in the image, it is a rich manicure that will complement your bow with such important feminine qualities. Red nail design 2016 is primarily an original and extraordinary approach. In other words, in fashion, decisions are as complex, ambiguous and incomprehensible as possible. While a simple and concise manicure remained in past seasons.

Fashionable ideas of red nails of the season 2016

Of course, in 2016, stylists could not help but present a review of fashionable red nails. After all, such nail-art can already be called an eternal trend, given that such a choice has not lost popularity for a long time. But in order to really match the fashion trends of this season, it is worth knowing what red nail design is relevant in 2016.

red jacket 2016. The most universal solution, of course, is the French manicure. But in order for your nails to emphasize fashion and an excellent sense of style, it is worth complementing the red jacket 2016 with original decor. This can be the selection of one finger with a completely different design, a non-standard solution in French manicure, for example, a beveled strip or a triangular edge, as well as the presence of rhinestones, modeling, lace and other finishes.

red holes 2016. If you prefer a larger design, then a rich moon manicure is exactly what you need. Like French, holes do not have to be concise. In the new season, designers insist on stylish additions to such a manicure — rhinestones, stones and pearls, as well as a triangular shape that does not go out of fashion.

Design of red nails with a pattern 2016. A rich feminine shade is ideal for the foundation in design. This season, stamping patterns and abstractions are considered popular patterns. But more important is not the choice of the theme of the finish, but its color. Your red manicure will be stylish if you decorate it with a pattern in black, white or gold.

Decor of plain red nails 2016. Of course, a monotonous manicure in one color remains relevant for modern fashionistas. But in order to match the fashion trends of this season, stylists offer a similar choice to complement with textured stamping of the same shade, gold glitter or make nail-art with two types of varnishes — glossy and matte.

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