powder manicure

What kind of tools today are not used by manicure masters to create a beautiful and unusual nail design! These include overlay decor, various techniques for mixing paints and improvised materials, as well as a special professional finish. Speaking of the latter, various kinds of powders and powders have gained great popularity in modern nail-art. This type of nail decor is quite easy to use, but allows you to make a very original and stylish design. Powder manicure is perfect for an evening look, and for everyday bows.

Fashionable manicure with nail powder

To date, there are several types of powder for nails. Many stylists call this or that type differently, but all powders belong to the same category. Powder manicure is always done on gel polish. Such an implementation is mandatory, since the resistant material allows you to save the design for a long time. In addition, when mixed with regular varnish, the powder often creates a thick layer that easily peels off after the first wash of the dishes. Let’s see what design with beautiful powder is in fashion today?

Manicure with colored powder. A popular type of nail-art today has become a design with the so-called velvet sand. In this case, the powder has a very fine structure. Thus, in a continuous coating or in a pattern, the effect of a soft and fluffy feeling is created. A color design with beautiful gradient transitions or a pattern contrasting with the base is considered fashionable with this kind of powder.

Manicure with metallic powder. The mirror design has become an original and very fashionable trend of recent seasons. For such a manicure, metal powder of gold or silver color is used, which is rubbed into a resistant gel base, and then carefully sealed with a top coat.

French manicure with acrylic powder. A popular design that has become universal in modern fashion is a jacket with powder decor. For such a manicure, acrylic powder is most often used, which also creates a voluminous effect. French with powder will perfectly complement the New Year’s, evening or wedding look.

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