nail design autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 pleases not only with colorful outfits, but also with nail designs, the originality of which can become an impeccable completion of any look. And in order for it to look truly perfect, it is important not to forget about the fashion trends that are now at the top of the fashion Olympus.

Fashionable nail design ideas for the fall-2016 season

  1. 50 shades of black and gray. Goth lovers will love this new trend. At the autumn fashion shows, the nails of models of such famous brands as DKNY and Rodarte were decorated with just such a mystical lacquer color. In addition, this includes not only black, dark gray, but also plum, eggplant, graphite and soot-colored varnish. By the way, you can choose both matte and glossy varnish with glitter.
  2. Minimalism, period. Let’s get our nails done. We use white or beige varnish as a base. We put a small dot in any part of the nail plate — that’s it, trendy nail-art is ready. Sounds weird? Dot and all? But the DORHOUT MEES brand believes that there is something unusual and unique in this design. And besides, with such nails, you can safely go to a business meeting. If there is a desire, the design can be supplemented with plain thin lines.
  3. Creative French. In the fall of 2016, you can’t do without a jacket, which this time looks in a new way on the nails. For example, at Fenty x Puma by Rihanna fashion shows, models walked the runway with marigolds, the design of which was somewhat reminiscent of frosty patterns. And Manish Arora decorated the models’ nails with unique patterns, further emphasizing the pointed shape of the nail.
  4. space metallic. Creatures of the Wind created a moon manicure using metallic shades. It looks really impressive. In addition, this suggests that the list of fashionable colors and shades of varnishes for the fall of 2016 includes golden and silver, and with this couple you can bring to life an unimaginable number of bold ideas.
  5. Glitter Swarovski. What fashionista doesn’t love these stones? With them, any outfit looks more solemn and beautiful. To make the image look stylish, it is enough to decorate one nail with the glitter of rhinestones and stones. This small detail can turn even the most ordinary nail-art into the personification of luxury and sophistication.
  6. Back to the 90s. Remember the funky nail style of those years? In general, these are crazy combinations of colors, patterns, cartoon characters, geometry and other things in one bottle. What can we say, but the new is the long-forgotten old, therefore we are reviving what was popular at the end of the last century. This time, many fashion houses have decided to decorate the nails of their models with such patterns (Kenzo, Desigual, Rachel Antonoff and many others).
  7. A couple of lines. Yes, we have already talked about points. Laquam Smith, Tracy Reese decided to bring something of their own to the world of fashion, decorating the nails of models with such simple, but at the same time effective lines. The main thing here is to choose the color scheme that is now in fashion (we’ll talk about this a little lower). By the way, the lines can be both horizontal and vertical, thin and wide. It is worth noting that in the fall of 2016 such a manicure on short nails will look no less impressive than on long ones.

The most fashionable colors and shades of autumn varnishes

So, the palm still belongs to nude shades. Further on top of the fashionable Olympus is dark gray, cream (something between yellow and gray). Also don’t forget about such popular colors as plum, hot red, matte green, nude pink, dark indigo, cool white, dark cherry (closer to merlot), hot pink, metallic gray, and also glossy red.

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