Manicure with broken glass 2016

The very name “broken glass” is the essence of this design — the surface of the nail plates is as if strewn with small fragments of mirror glass. Thanks to this effect, the manicure looks catchy, bright, unusual. In addition, the broken glass nail design, popular in 2016, is unique in that it is almost impossible to meet a girl with a similar manicure, since it is extremely difficult to repeat the patterns. This type of nail design, perhaps, will not be left without attention in the next seasons, because it is difficult to take your eyes off the play of light associated with the sparkling of the facets of a diamond!

Stylish variations of the original design

Endless fashion ideas of the season in 2016 are pleased with the fact that the nails, designed in the form of broken glass technique, allow you to express your individuality. A huge number of variations of this elegant coating is provided by the wide range of colors of the foil, special stickers or mirror elements used in the design. It’s hard to even imagine what fashionable design options offers broken glass manicure in 2016!

Luxurious appearance, three-dimensional depth, versatility — these are the main characteristics of one of the most stylish variations of broken glass, made with transparent holographic fragments on a black coating. The fashion trends of nail art in 2016 mean that broken glass manicure should fit into any look. The design in dark colors is fully consistent with them. Such a manicure will be appreciated by lovers of youth style, and those who are forced to comply with a business dress code. The perfect manicure for an evening look!

In 2016, nail design is no less in demand, creating the effect of broken glass, made in light colors. Delicate pastels, elegant white, silvery or golden holographic elements on a transparent basis are an excellent, non-binding solution for decorating nails.

Actual and bright colors of manicure. A contrasting combination of bright yellow, emerald, blue, neon holographic stickers with a background coating looks very catchy and impressive. The absolute hit of 2016 is a red manicure with broken glass, which can serve as a stylish finishing touch to an evening look.

Harmony Technician

The design of broken glass is also interesting because it goes well with such popular types of manicure as french, moon, color block. The effect of iridescent glass pieces revives a sought-after, but somewhat boring classic. If the choice is stopped on a moon manicure made in light colors, the line of the growing nail plate becomes almost imperceptible, which means that the design will look neat for several weeks longer. The advantage of this type of manicure is the possibility of decorating one or more nails with broken glass. In addition, the craftsmen successfully play not only the color of the holographic elements, but also their shape. They can have different sizes, the shape of different geometric shapes. Laying elements on nail plates with a background coating in a strict or chaotic manner allows you to create clear ornaments or abstract patterns. It is impossible not to mention that broken glass manicure can be done at home, with the necessary materials at hand.

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