Manicure chameleon


manicure chameleon

The hands of a woman of any age require attention and proper care. Therefore, the choice of manicure of everything is approached with special care. On the eve of the holidays and even for every day, an amazing pattern is chosen. One of the most popular new products is the chameleon manicure. This new trend has won the hearts of many of the fair sex.

How to make a chameleon manicure?

To decorate your nails, you need to buy the right thermal varnish. After applying it, one color flows into another shade. This happens depending on the temperature: based on whether it is cold or warm around. Another option would be to do a chameleon manicure with gel polish, the color change of which is affected by lighting. If you use gel polish, then you will need a special drying lamp to apply it.

Manicure options

Chameleon nails will suit any outfit, as manufacturers have taken care of the release of varnishes of different shades. There are neutral colors, and there are more extravagant ones. For example, lovers of bold looks can find a polish that will change the shade from yellow to lavender.

An interesting fact is that chameleon lacquer originally manifests itself on long nails. Since the temperature at the base of the nail and at the tip is different, there will be a big difference in shades. The effect will be truly amazing.

One of the popular options is a jacket with a dark or bright tip of the nail. Manicure is convenient because you do not need to impose dividing strips. The varnish will do everything by itself, you just need to cool the tip of the nail.

As soon as the demand for nail design increased, chameleon gel polish began to be produced in different versions. For example, on sale you can find coatings with powdered sugar, sparkles.

Another popular option is a chameleon manicure with sprinkles. Velvet sand, as it is also called, is applied to the dry varnish. The top layer is similar to flower dust and can be of two types — large or small.


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