Lunar manicure

A few years ago, a wave of French manicure swept the world: it was versatile, did not oblige to a certain style of clothing and emphasized the natural beauty of nails. However, times are changing, and the idea of ​​​​a French manicure is gradually becoming obsolete today, and, of course, another, no less original and universal version could not fail to replace it.

Now we are talking about the so-called moon manicure, which today can be seen on the hands of many stars and fashionistas. This nail art technique was suggested by nature itself, even its name is associated with the physiological structure of the nail, and not with the cosmic body, as you might think at first glance: at the base of the nail there is a lunula, which in shape resembles an inverted month (it is also accented with colored varnish) , and from this association the technique takes its name.

The very idea of ​​a manicure is not new — it was safely forgotten after the 40s, and today it is being revived anew. Then the moon manicure was done in neutral shades — beige, pink and white, but now we are seeing a combination of bright and contrasting colors.

How to do a moon manicure?

The technique for performing a moon manicure is very simple, but the number of steps depends on the condition of the nails:

  1. Since this technique focuses on the base of the nail, it is natural that the preliminary manicure should be done perfectly. Therefore, the first step is the correction of the cuticle.
  2. Now you can start painting the nail: first, a colorless base is used, which will even out the plate. This is an important stage that cannot be ignored, since a neat, almost perfect execution is very important in a moon manicure: any unevenness will be noticeable due to a minimum of decorations and clear lines.
  3. Colored varnish is applied to the colorless varnish base: its choice depends on personal preferences, but the only condition is that it be matte, since the moon manicure does not look so bright on mother-of-pearl.
  4. After the varnish has completely dried, a stencil is applied to the base of the nail: a small sticker, which can be round (forms a pronounced arc), semi-circular (a more natural option) or angular (you will get an original and bold manicure).
  5. After making sure that the stencil is firmly stuck, the free part of the nail is painted over with a contrasting varnish.

Benefits of moon manicure

  1. Lunar manicure is easy to do at home, unlike many other techniques that use modeling, artistic patterns, etc.
  2. Lunar manicure looks great on short nails, so its creation does not require extensions or a long process of growing your own nails.
  3. Lunar manicure looks original and at the same time does not oblige its wearer to a certain style of outfit or make-up.
  4. In order to diversify the moon manicure, it is enough to buy several colors of varnish or stencils: those who are not used to puzzle over creative tasks and fantasize about decor will like it.

Lunar manicure options

You can diversify the moon manicure using the shape of the stencil and color:

  1. The form. Stencils for moon manicure, as already mentioned, can be in the form of a circle, arc or corner. Sometimes it is also done with a flat strip.
  2. Moon manicure color. The basis for choosing the color of varnishes is that they create contrast. It is advisable to use matte shades, as they better express the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe technique. Today, a red moon manicure is popular, where the lunula is covered with colorless varnish, and the rest of the nail is red.
  3. Combination of techniques. Some girls use an element of French in creating a moon manicure: in this case, not only the base of the nail is accentuated, but also its end.

Performing a moon manicure can be done with regular varnish, however, this will require constant staining.

Those who do not have much time can do a moon manicure with shellac: in this case, the moon manicure will last longer, because the gel polish is stable and retains a decent appearance until the nails themselves grow back.

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