moon manicure 2016

Moon manicure is one of the most popular types of nail designs in the last few seasons. Such nail-art often competes with the classic and universal jacket, since it also involves the addition of any image. What to say? After all, the selection of the hole is a derivative of the French manicure. Initially, this design was even called an inverted jacket. In 2016, the moon manicure is still relevant. Moreover, stylists insist on choosing just such a nail-art, as this is a great way to emphasize your originality, femininity and sophistication, while remaining in trend.

Lunar Manicure Ideas 2016

The fashion trends of the moon manicure 2016 are a diverse choice, suggesting both classics and extraordinary solutions, and restrained elegance, and youth style. This year, the most popular ideas of such design come down to expressiveness and demonstrativeness, but at the same time maintain a gentle and romantic touch. Let’s see what new moon manicure stylists offer us in 2016?

Classic moon and french. A fashionable and original solution in the new season is a combination of a dedicated hole and a strip along the edge. Such a moon manicure 2016 is great for both short nails and long ones. The actual choice of color for a combined jacket with holes is the natural range of the base and the classic white color for decoration.

Fantasy moon manicure. If you want to surprise others with your originality and draw attention to your stylish nail design, then the actual choice would be to use color shades and apply painting and decor in a moon manicure.

Lunar manicure with rhinestones. This season, it is popular to complement the highlighted holes in the nail design with rhinestones. This choice will give everything nail-art sophistication, sophistication and expressiveness. Stylists decorate a plain moon manicure with rhinestones, and also add beautiful drawings, cast patterns, and sparkles. Liquid stones are considered a fashionable alternative to beautiful crystals, which look no less beautiful and unusual.

Triangular wells. If you are looking for an extraordinary and non-standard solution for a moon manicure, then a stylish choice in 2016 will be highlighting the hole with a triangle, not a crescent. Simultaneously with the singularity, you will demonstrate to others your individuality in any way.

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