manicure with leaves

In the midst of the red-gold pores, the autumn theme in everything is considered an actual choice. Of course, a wardrobe with prints of autumn gifts and the beauties of nature will look stylish, but it will not become a universal purchase at all. Therefore, to match the beautiful season, the best solution would be original additions on a given theme. And one of the current options today is a manicure with leaves. This design will not only emphasize your individuality, but also complement the image with a warm, cozy touch.

Leaf manicure

The leaves on the nails are not considered a purely autumn manicure. Agree, a similar design can be done in fresh spring and warm summer colors. However, it is during the golden season that the image of leaf fall or single motifs becomes most relevant. Let’s see the most stylish manicure ideas with leaves?

Maple leaf manicure. The most common pattern in the autumn period was the maple leaf. Designers decorate nail art according to Feng Shui with such a print — one or two fingers, and also offer a beautiful abstraction or a single motif for each nail. The most suitable background for a red-orange leaf is a milky-natural varnish or a purple-gold combination.

French manicure with maple leaves. Maple leaves are also relevant for a more discreet nail design. French manicure, complemented by an autumn pattern, looks very stylish and attractive. Such a decor can be made in the form of a finish or highlight the line of the edge of the nail with a print.

Manicure with a sprig of leaves. In addition to single leaves or a specific type, stylists offer beautiful twigs that are important to complement with berries, fruits, and vegetables in an autumn style. The branches of viburnum and grapes are considered the most popular such design.

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