makeup for halloween

The celebration of Halloween, which takes place on the night of October 31 to November 1, is becoming increasingly popular among young people and girls of all ages. As a rule, this holiday is celebrated by arranging a costume party, for the organization of which you have to try hard — each participant will need to choose the appropriate costume, the necessary attributes, make the appropriate manicure, as well as bright and frightening makeup or makeup.

Putting on the right make-up becomes perhaps the most difficult task for all people directly involved in the celebration. Meanwhile, knowing the basics of applying makeup and the rules for creating various effects, you can make beautiful Halloween makeup without much difficulty.

What is required to create an interesting Halloween makeup for girls?

To make a scary Halloween makeup for a girl, you will have to use professional paints that can have both a water and a fat base. The latter are incredibly resistant, so they are most often used when you need to make up for a long period of time. If a girl needs only a light Halloween makeup for a house party, it is enough to turn to water-based products for help. To apply any type of paint, you will additionally need brushes of different thicknesses and textures.

In addition, in the process of creating an image, you can use decorative cosmetics — powder, blush, shadows, mascara, eyeliner, and so on. Some attributes, such as false teeth with fangs or a bag of «blood», can be purchased in special stores.

Finally, to get rid of makeup after the end of the holiday, its participant will need special tools. So, if the makeup was applied with oil-based paints, baby cream or petroleum jelly will help to remove them. If water-based paints were used to create the image, it will be enough to wash your face with clean water and soap.

Halloween makeup ideas

Most of the images in which girls celebrate Halloween are somehow connected with the theme of unclean forces. In particular, the most popular costumes are the attire of a witch, a vampire, «death», a funny devil, and so on. Many girls also turn to images such as an antique doll or a catwoman.

In particular, to create a witch makeup for Halloween, use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Apply a light foundation to help cover under-eye circles and other skin imperfections.
  • Spread the base on the upper eyelids, and then apply hot pink shadows on them.
  • Apply lilac shadows on the lower eyelid, as well as on the crease between the upper and mobile eyelids.
  • Draw large double arrows with liquid eyeliner.
  • Apply medium-sized silver sequins over the eyeliner.
  • Using a pencil or eyeliner, color each eyebrow in jet black and extend its outer corner almost to the temple.
  • Apply brown blush from the temple to the corner of the lips.
  • Circle the lips with a black pencil, slightly sharpening the upper corners.
  • Fill the center of the lips with purple lipstick.
  • Choose a suitable hairstyle and do not forget about the need to match the created image.

Another sequence of actions will help you make Halloween doll makeup, namely:

  1. Combine foundation with white face painting and spread this mixture all over the face, as well as the ears and neck.
  2. Draw the eyebrows, making them quite curved.
  3. Apply pink shadows on the upper eyelid, and spread the shadows of a grayish shade along the border of the moving eyelid.
  4. Draw black arrows, and in the outer corners of the eyes — long eyelashes.
  5. Apply white paint to the lower eyelid.
  6. Apply false eyelashes.
  7. Paint your lips with bright red or burgundy lipstick, but do not touch the corners.
  8. The original Halloween doll makeup is ready! Complete your look with a lace dress, white pantaloons and baby shoes.

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