Gel polish nails 2016


gel nails 2016

Coating nails with gel polish has long gained unprecedented popularity among girls and women of different ages. It is not surprising, because a manicure made using this material looks stylish and neat and, moreover, lasts a very long time, so that its owner does not need to visit a specialist often.

In addition, gel polish coating of natural nails helps to strengthen them and activate growth, unlike other methods of decorating nail plates, which can cause significant damage to them. In 2016, the fair sex, who want to turn to gel nail polish, can take advantage of a number of current trends to create a fashionable and modern look.

Fashion ideas for nail design using gel polish in the 2016 season

Fashionable and stylish manicure with gel polish for long or short nails in 2016 can be done in various ways, namely:

  • Incredibly relevant is the technique of creating a French manicure. With the help of gel polish in 2016, you can create a wide variety of french options. So, for everyday wear, a classic manicure in white-pink-beige shades is best suited, and for solemn events — bright images using orange, purple and other “flashy” shades. French manicure, with the exception of the one that is intended for special occasions, in 2016 should look as natural as possible. Despite this, it is allowed to decorate 1 or 2 nail plates with rhinestones or other similar elements;
  • moon manicure also does not lose its relevance. To create it, you can use various shades of gel polish, however, the most stylish option this season is a manicure with a smile 1-2 tones lighter than the color of the main coating of the nail plate. Nail design in which the hole remains colorless, unlike the nail itself. At the same time, the most beautiful nails in 2016 with the help of gel polish can be obtained using a combination of French and moon manicure techniques;
  • nails covered with gel polish and decorated with rhinestones will decorate the hands of a huge number of girls and women of different ages. Meanwhile, this season, a simple rule should be taken into account — there should not be too many small shiny pebbles. So, the best option is to decorate one nail on each hand with rhinestones. If it is supposed to decorate each nail plate, the presence of 3 or more rhinestones on one nail should not be allowed;
  • The novelties of gel polish in 2016 include its combination with stamping — a unique drawing technology that has been used in the world of manicure not so long ago. Nail plates, decorated in such an original way, look unusual and harmoniously fit into any image of their owner. According to the fashion trends of this season, only 1 or 2 nails on each hand need to be decorated with stamping, while the rest should be covered with plain gel polish;
  • at the top of popularity in 2016 is a combination of gel polish and manicure created using adhesive tape. This tool allows you to apply perfectly even stripes and outline the boundaries of geometric shapes, making the manicure look very neat.

Gel polish is a versatile material with which you can decorate the nail plates in different ways and easily achieve the perfect result.


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