french nail design 2016

French manicure has long earned extraordinary popularity among the fair sex, who devote enough time to their hands and always want to look great. It has quite a few varieties, so it is not difficult for fashionistas to choose the right option to complement a business, casual or romantic look.

At the shows of famous fashion houses in Paris and Milan, French is also ubiquitous. Meanwhile, in the 2016 season, some of its varieties are strikingly different from the classic French manicure we are used to. However, some fashion trends of past years also do not lose their relevance.

New French nail designs 2016

Among the most current trends in the world of fashionable manicure this season are the following:

  • in 2016, the catwalks were filled with a new nail design — side french. This type of manicure is a combination of a classic jacket, as well as trendy stripes this season, so it is well-deservedly popular with girls and women all over the world. The combination of colors in this variant of nail design can be anything, however, it must be understood that they must be in good harmony not only with each other, but with the whole image of a fashionista as a whole;
  • although the classic jacket is very gentle and romantic, this season stylists mainly give their preference to other varieties of this type of manicure. So, at the top of popularity is a practical and versatile black jacketcapable of making any look stylish, original and even extravagant to some extent;
  • another popular direction of french — combination of french and moon manicure in one design. As a rule, in this case, the hole and the free part of the nail plate are varnished in the same shade, but in different situations it is possible to use different color combinations. Such a combination under any circumstances looks unusual, bright and stylish;
  • in 2016, the variant of nail design in the form of jacket with a pattern. In this case, original drawings are applied to the main part of the nail plate, however, as a rule, this technique is not used to cover all nails, but to highlight one or more plates. The drawing technique can also be different;
  • graceful and elegant white french — no less successful variant of nail design in 2016 than black. It can give the image of its owner tenderness and sensuality, or refinement and elegance, depending on the other elements of the appearance. Especially relevant this season is a luxurious wedding or holiday manicure, which is complemented by rhinestones, drawings, sparkles and other decorative elements;
  • finally, in the 2016 season, gaining more and more popularity french with lace patterns — a design that is well suited for both extended nails and natural ones. This manicure always looks amazingly fresh, elegant and romantic. Meanwhile, it can be very difficult to perform it on your own, so many girls and women are forced to turn to professionals for help.

Of course, French manicure in 2016 may be different. The main thing is that your hands with it look well-groomed and neat.

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