French manicure 2016

The versatility of the jacket makes it one of the most popular types of manicure. In 2016, French manicure is in no less demand than in previous seasons. Due to the predominance of neutral shades, it is appropriate both in the office and at an evening event. In addition, the jacket is in perfect harmony with the clothes of any style. But in 2016, designers still managed to offer fresh ideas for French manicure, adding a few nuances. Thanks to this, the jacket has acquired not only elegance and grace, but also expressiveness.

French trends

It is no secret that this type of manicure looks most advantageous on nails of short and medium length. Well-groomed skin and a preliminary hygienic manicure are the necessary conditions for nails to look neat and attractive. What trends in 2016 have transformed the French manicure? Firstly, the changes affected the main element of the jacket — a contrasting «smile» at the free end of the marigold. In past seasons, it had a semicircular shape, and today nail art masters offer interesting transformations. So, fashion trends in 2016 suggest that French manicure with “smiles” of unusual shapes will be very popular. Pointed teeth, a stylized square and even waves — these forms of «smile» completely transform the classic jacket. This solution looks very non-standard and creative.

The novelty of the season was the French technique, called rain. Classical French manicure implies a clear boundary between the background coating of the nail plate and the color of the “smile”. Rain jacket in the truest sense of the word erases this border! With the help of a special sponge, the manicure master blurs the border, achieving the effect of a smooth color transition. Calling this technique a novelty can be a huge stretch, since a similar technique is used to create a gradient manicure. It is worth noting that it is almost impossible to perform a rain jacket at home, since it is quite difficult to create a border blur effect.

Relevant in 2016 and French manicure with a pattern on one or more nails. It can be a floral ornament, an image of a figurine, or a drawing created using a stencil. By the way, the width and location of the “smile” itself has also changed. If in past seasons the strip was performed by painting the free end of the nail plate, then in 2016 the width of the “smile” can reach half of its length. It is also allowed to color the strips in different colors, and the most daring and unusual solution is a “smile” in the form of a muzzle of some animal or cartoon character. Young girls will definitely like this jacket!

The option looks no less original, in which the strip, on the contrary, is very narrow and more reminiscent of the edging of the free edge. In some cases, masters perform it using two or more colors of varnish. As for the decor, the French manicure with rhinestones or flowers in 2016 is no longer relevant. Sparkling pebbles will be appropriate, perhaps, only when creating an evening look. But the strip in the form of a floral ornament looks very good.

Fashionable French colors

A transparent base and a white stripe — this version of the jacket has long become a classic. However, in the new season, designers delight with an abundance of fashionable shades. Bright colors, delicate pastels, spicy metallics — the possibilities for experiments are unlimited! However, it is worth remembering that a sharp contrast turns an elegant jacket into an ordinary color block.

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