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Each new season brings its own changes. With the advent of winter, the temperature on the street noticeably decreases, snowdrifts appear. All this not only makes people take out warm clothes and warm themselves with hot coffee, but also leaves its mark on the appearance. So, often girls choose a sweater nail design that gives zest to any look.

Knitted nail design

In cold weather, a manicure with a knitted pattern warms its owner and gives her extra comfort. It is suitable for any length of nails, but nail art masters believe that this pattern looks most harmonious on short plates. You can make such a design using gel polish and acrylic powder. If you use ordinary varnish, the characteristic volume for this option will not work.

Meanwhile, this does not mean that a manicure, in which the effect of a sweater is visible to the naked eye, can only be done in the salon using certain types of coatings. Some girls draw knitted patterns on their own right at home, without turning to professionals for help. To do this, you need to arm yourself with a special thin brush and varnishes of different colors, as well as show remarkable imagination and imagination. From the first time, not everyone succeeds in imitating knitting on their handles, but over time, it becomes extremely easy and simple to do this.

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Sweater on nails with gel polish

To perform a nail design with a gel polish sweater, you must adhere to the following tactics:

  1. Initially, make a classic edged, hardware or European manicure. This will allow you to apply the base coat as evenly and thinly as possible. In addition, the processed and prepared cuticle will make the handles more well-groomed and neat.
  2. Spread the degreaser over all the nails. This is necessary in order to clean them of dust and contaminants, and to ensure tight adhesion of the main coating to the surface.
  3. Apply a thin layer of base gel and dry it in a lamp for 1 minute.
  4. Apply the selected shade of gel polish in 2 layers, each of which dry under ultraviolet light for 2 minutes. Moreover, if a light gel polish is chosen as the base, for example, related to the pastel range, it is better to increase the number of layers.
  5. Using a thin brush and gel polish of the same shade, draw a characteristic pattern — rhombuses, plaits, pigtails, and so on. Depending on the quality of the coating, repeat this action 2 to 5 times, and dry the pens in the lamp after each application.
  6. Finishing the design of the sweater nails, cover them with a top coat and dry them again in a UV lamp.

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Manicure voluminous sweater

Volumetric nail art is the most common version of the sweater on the nail plates. It gives the image of its owner a unique tenderness and charm and fits most clothing items in various styles. Knitting on the nails lasts for a long time and does not cling to anything, due to which it does not cause any discomfort to beautiful ladies. In addition, with careful wear, particles or elements do not fall off from it, which distinguishes this type of manicure from many others.

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Velvet Sand Sweater Nail Design

Some nail art masters knit with velvet sand, a special composition that resembles pollen. With its help, three-dimensional elements are obtained on the nails, which stand out not only in level, but also in texture. You can make a velvet sweater nail design as follows:

  1. Apply a base coat and dry it in the lamp.
  2. Apply the selected shade of gel polish in 2 coats. After each stroke, dry the nail plates under ultraviolet for 2 minutes.
  3. Top coat your nails.
  4. Remove the sticky layer.
  5. With gel polish, use a thin brush to draw the desired pattern. Using a pusher, cover it with velvet sand. Place your hands in the lamp and dry 2 times for 2 minutes. Use a soft brush to remove the remnants of velvet sand.

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Sweater drawing on nails

The design of knitted nails can be different. Any master of manicure art will surely offer his client a lot of ready-made options. Nevertheless, each girl can independently choose a suitable pattern for herself — for this, you can look at your favorite sweater or any knitted item. As a rule, knitting manicure includes elements such as double and triple braids, vertical stripes, tubercles, bumps, diamonds, chains, spikelets and so on.

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Matte nails — sweater design

The effect of a sweater on nails can be created in various ways. To do this, you can use a glossy or matte finish, but most of the fair sex prefer the latter option. To get the right texture, you can use a special matte varnish, finish gel with matting properties or acrylic powder. All these methods allow you to create a bright and original sweater nail design that does not shine and looks harmonious in combination with any outfit.

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Knitting on nails with powder

Often, acrylic powder is used to create a sweater nail design. This polymer powder allows you to very quickly and easily form a matte surface of the nails and depict a specific velvety pattern on them. Such a manicure with a sweater can be done on your own — it does not require any special skills and abilities, so even a beginner in the world of nail art can handle it.

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Christmas nails sweater

Knitting pattern on nails has recently become extremely popular with girls and women of different ages. This pattern is applied to the nails at any time of the year, but it becomes especially relevant on the eve of the New Year holidays, when fashionistas and beauties want to add warmth and comfort to their image. A winter manicure sweater will look great both during a festive event dedicated to meeting the first night of the year, and with everyday wear.

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French and sweater nails

As a rule, sweater nail design is not combined with other options for decorating nail plates. This pattern is very unusual and always attracts the attention of others, so it does not need any additions. However, some nail artists successfully combine the sweater pattern on their nails with the well-known French coating technique.

In this case, a knitted pattern is usually applied to only one or two fingers on each hand, and the rest are covered with colorless varnish and highlight the smile line with the chosen shade. The classic technique for performing such nail art involves the presence of one even strip of white, however, some girls add a contrasting hole or vertical lines to this option.

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