trendy nail shape 2016

Each season brings us new trends not only for clothes and shoes, but also for manicure. When decorating nails, it is very important to take into account modern fashion trends, since their observance allows a girl or woman to look stylish and attractive.

In particular, in each season, as a rule, new forms of nail plates appear, and old trends fade into the background. 2016 was no exception — modern fashion trends point to a feminine and natural shape of nails, while rough square, too sharp and overly long plates are now completely out of fashion.

What is the most fashionable form of nails in 2016?

In 2016, the fashionable form of nails can be different, for example:

  • the main trend this season is the shape of the nails «pointe shoes«, or «ballerina». This option involves rather long nail plates that taper slightly towards the tip and vaguely resemble pointe shoes. This form of nails is suitable only for those girls who naturally have healthy and strong nails, as well as for those who turn to the extension procedure;
  • almond shape nails in 2016 is also in line with current fashion trends. Such nail plates are slightly pointed at the end, and at the base they have a soft oval shape and resemble an almond in appearance. If you have given your preference to this option, please note that too bright manicure on such nails looks vulgar;
  • classic oval shape nails are closest to the natural natural version, so in 2016 it will enjoy well-deserved popularity among girls and women;
  • square shape nails this season has the right to exist only if its edges are slightly rounded, and the nail plates themselves are not too long;
  • finally, at the top of popularity are short nails. In 2016, girls who cannot boast of strong and long nails have absolutely nothing to worry about, because short length is one of the main trends.

Nail design in 2016 can also be varied, so this season it will not be difficult to complement your image with a fashionable and stylish manicure.

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